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2010-05-31 11:44 am

of books and bagpipers


So this story begins at about 1:30am this morning. See, yesterday I bought The Hunger Games. So when I got bored of the internet, I decided to curl up in bed for a while with my new books. I should have known better. As it is a young adult book, I very quickly (read: after about an hour) found myself 100 pages in.. and unwilling to stop. The book was amazingly good and every page I read convinced me to keep going. Sometime around 3:30 am, I looked up and realized I was a bit over half done... and also that it was 3:30am. A normal person would have said, ok go to bed and read the rest tomorrow. What ended up happening is that I stayed up till 5am and finished the book.


Anyway. My plan for today (the Memorial Day holiday) was to get Dunkin, go to the lab until I got hungry around 1 or 2... and then come home. This... is not at all what happened.

Sometime around 9:30am (after a very FML-filled morning since I was running on 3 hours of sleep), I realized that if I was not careful, I was going to hit parade time on Nahant. This was especially relevant because on Friday I noticed that my usual route to work had a lot of flags along it... which usually means it is parade route. Google seemed to think that the parade was like 10ish, so I figured 10:30 would be a good time to leave.

First sign I should have turned around: when I was at the light at the end of the street, waiting for the green, my eyes got so light-sensitive that it hurt to keep them open. Then Dunkin was super busy. And then, I got onto the main part of Nahant.... and there was a police car in the way.... so I had to detour.... and proceeded to nearly get lost. Haha, I've never been that way. It as very pretty, but still... lost. Then I managed to find the lab, but there were no cars there, so I decided to just come home. I went down my usual route, thinking the parade was over. But I was wrong.

As I neared the police station, I hit a stop of cars. In front of the police station I could see a group of bagpipers. So... I went down another side street. And then, 2 cars away from the main road (on this little side streer), I sat in my car and watched the Nahant Memorial Day parade. So I sat and lol'ed for like 10 minutes because of my awful timing and the fact that I had been thinking yesterday about how I was sad about missing the West Hartford parade.

And now I am home again. So... I guess I should do some work.. or something.
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2009-07-22 03:14 am
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it was almost FML.. and then it wasn't

Today at work was blah. Besides a few things. :3

In my flurry of shift swapping the other day, I got myself scheduled for tomorrow morning. Turns out, my mom decided last minute that she was going to drive my grandma and cousin to new york instead of having them take the bus. And I was like, BUU I WANNA GO TOO. Cue me frantically trying to call everyone possible to try and cover for me. It was... kinda a mess and I was convinced right up to the last minute that there was no way. It got to the point where the last person I could think of was like, I'm srsly getting my tonsils removed TOMORROW. Apparently I am very lucky.

So now I am covertly crossing my fingers that we will be near an American Apparel store so I can go buy myself that striped hoodie. lol priorities. I dunno what we're gonna do... I just know that my cousin wants to go to the wax museum. And we need to go to the Chilean consulate to finally get our passports.

We shall see. At any rate, my camera will be with us. I just finished making 3 mix cds for the ride. Two of them may or may not have the Mad World cover on them. JUST MAYBE. Ahahahaha.

Why is it 3:30am already? zzz...
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2009-07-04 01:19 am
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brb, going to the moon

Leaving for vacation in Delaware tomorrow morning. Have my iPod loaded up with the Star Trek audiobook. Have my notebook for copious note-taking for my 2 writing projects. Have books in my bag and my toothbrush. :D

Anyway, gone till Sunday the 12th. Hopefully will not miss Merlin that night. Will probably pop on at least once as my dad will have his laptop with him.

Today at work kinda sucked. Communication breakdown just about everywhere. It was too hot and humid in the place.

By the end of the my shift I kinda felt like this:
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Sasan owns my life. For srs.

I'm going to miss the internets guys. Massive backlog of fic and fandom stuff is going to overwhelm me. And it's going to be awesome.

ps- totally bought tickets for HP midnight showing. YES!

pps - will definitely be posting on twitter through my phone all week too.
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2009-07-02 12:43 am


Yaaaaay post 1,000!!

I had a long night at work so I need this distraction before going to sleep. Especially as I need to do it all over again at 11:30 tomorrow morning. D:

In other news, I renewed my library card! It expired 2 years ago and my name was no longer in the system so I had to "re-apply" for one. Which is ironic as the librarian remembers my name even after all this time. Got Island so I can finally read it after all the good things I heard. Yay for vacation giving me time to read again. :)

And now it is time for massive picspam!!! OMG THINGS! THINGS I LIKE!! (contains: anime, Merlin, Star Trek people)

NPH and Elmo are excited and want you to click.

things that make me happy PAST AND PRESENT )

So yeah. Post 1,000. Lots of images. Here's to another thousand?
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2009-06-24 02:48 am
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crashing to the ground

Today was not what you would call "my day". Got flailed at while at work because of a table I sat. (A ONE PERSON table that left in half an hour I might add!) I was.. taken aback enough to be shaken for a few minutes. Which is.. not fun when like 90% of your job is being pleasant and smiling a lot. It just... makes me not like my job when stuff like that happens. And then I was pulling a highchair out, miscalculated.. and knocked another one over onto my toes. it... really hurt. Especially when I had to limp back to the desk and greet someone. The greeting went something along the lines of "*pained grin* Hi how are you? Um.. hold on a second, I just dropped a highchair on my foot. ...ok let's go this way. *limplimp*" My toe is ok though. I was worried the nail was gonna crack and that I wasn't going to be able to check it for a while.

I ended up buying a piece of cheesecake to make myself feel better. The tiramisu cheesecake. *drool* Although, mental note, don't buy cheesecake and then eat it on an empty stomach. It hurts.

The girl who was looking for a roommate has emailed me to say she still needs one, so I think I am going to need to look for 2 bedroom apartments. I was productive tonight eventually though. Wrote statement for the insurance company. Wrote Robin's character reference letter for his apartment. Tomorrow before work I must look into the financial aid stuff and look for apartments. *nodnod*

ZQ video from last night appears to be part of something to do with his production company. With the exception that the fall may have been unplanned, but he just went with it? I dunno. It seems to fabricated with a couple new videos found today that just... iunno. "I don't eat my friends" just made me lol though.

Gonna start the Capt Fine upload tomorrow so I can finally get that picspam posted. I have more than enough for one now. :D

more ZQ photos from Tyler Shields )

ps- should i go watch Star Trek in IMAX?
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2009-06-18 02:48 am


Ok, so what was it about tonight that made THE WORLD decide to come to Cheesecake Factory. Like really? And of course I was greet-filling and sometime around 8pm I was desperate to just curl up somewhere dark to breathe for a minute. But of course I couldn't because there were still 15 names on the wait. *woe* The end result being that we were pretty busy right up to 10pm. Although I guess that's good for the end of the day being a lot shorter so I was a lot less bored.

Also apparently I have a "boisterous" singing voice. Which I'm like 90% sure isn't really a compliment? Unless he didn't know what it really meant? (Which I doubt as said person is actually quite intelligent). This came right after we sang happy birthday to some little old woman right before we closed... and is ironic as I sing as quietly as possible and he really only probably heard me as we were standing next to each other. REGARDLESS... I am confused but also worried that my response to the comment came over as over-offended by it. I... don't even know. I hate singing in front of people..... *shivers*

I started going through my bookshelves before work. A process that is painful for me as I hate giving up any of my books. Most of them have some sort of meaning to me based on when I read them. Also I am a horrible packrat. I have managed to find some that I really don't want to keep. They are in a box waiting for more to join them on the eventual trip to donation.

Speaking of books, I am nearly done with The Looking Glass Wars. I'm kinda impressed as the only times I've been reading it is over meals (breakfast and dinner after work) and sometimes for a bit in bed in the mornings. I was right about it being a quick read. I also am fairly sure that I'm not quite sold on the writing style despite the plot being good. It's not really BAD writing. The best way to describe it I guess is clinical? Like all my English teachers coming back to hover over me, telling me to show and not tell. It's especially evident in the copious battle sequences. When battles become less about the suspense and emotion of fighting.. and more about "and then so-and-so did this. and then this happened. and then she did this." it's just harder to sink into. That being said, I will definitely be continuing with the series. Like I said, it's a quick read the plot is shaping up nicely. This *was* his first book so I hope it will only improved with the sequel?

Send me like, LJ messages or something with where I need to pick you up and when you will be availbale for the picking up. We have a full car (michy is bringing a friend, less $$ for gas/tolls/parking for us) and I want to leave the shore by like... 9-9:30. So.. lemme know where I need to go get you. xD Also... halp? Dress is definitely not made (although will be done for CTcon so help me god) so I need to decide what to wear. Rayray already said she's doing loli? Am debating between that.. and pulling out some of that h.naoto I haven't worn yet. (the white/purple sailor-style top with the sleeves with black pants/boots maybe?) UGH CLOTHING IS HARD.

I close this out with more image spam. Because... well just because
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lol good night world
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2009-06-17 03:15 am


Dear world, Why am I still awake? Oh yeah, because I had that coffee when I left work at 11pm tonight and it's had me bouncing in place for the past few hours. I think I can feel the crash coming soon though... so that is good.

Work was.. work. xD I am getting better at managing things on my own. Including talking to the bussers, assigning tables and greeting people ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sometimes it gets to the point where I am like *flail!*. But not so badly that I am breaking down. :D

I have been on a really big Disney/animated movie music kick again. Happens every so often. Also Journey... won't freaking leave my head. Late tonight I was humming it to myself at the front desk while I ate my hidden goldfish (which didn't really help my hunger any).

I spent part of tonight watching the Star Trek audiobook (as read by ZQ) downloading on my computer. I have heard good things and the little pieces I've already heard are.. golden. I am excited even though I totally will not be able to listen to it tonight.

Speaking of ZQ. Quite a few photo outtakes have been posted lately. As well as more walking pics. xD Ones that don't include sinfully ugly hats!

this is what happens when my life is boring, i post images )
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2009-06-12 03:03 am

we are like the earth and sky

Family-whine aside, it was a pretty good day I suppose. xD Ate a waffle before work (and glared at my brother when he suggested that he could eat one). There was a large party in the restaurant so we went on something of a false wait. I was alone at the front desk and I am proud that I managed to keep track of the bussers and get people seated in a timely manner. It's hard to greet people and talk over the headseat at the same time! My brain isn't sure how to handle that multi-tasking yet.

There was something of an issue though when I forgot to save a table for a reservation. In my defense, we don't normally accept reservations at 12:30 and there was a mad rush at like... 12:15. So they were all complaining at the manager about how they were on a work break and couldn't afford to stay long. Yeah. 2 hours after being seated, they finally left. UGH PEOPLE. I am so glad I'm not working tomorrow I think.

Then I was "helping" my sister and her friend with their AP Chem project. By "helping" I mean attempting to remember anything at all about basic chem, specifically conductivity. It just wasn't happening. Plus I was too busy being appalled at their sloppy experimental design and lack of multiple repeats and variables. How are you supposed to calculate significance if you don't have more than one data point?! I am clearly a lost cause. D:

THEN I watched the Lancelot episode of Merlin and remembered all over again why I adore the show. So much just... fun! I missed it, I should watch some more again tomorrow. <3 Merlin hasn't TOTALLY lost me to Star Trek yet. I don't think it ever will I love it so much.

SPEAKING OF FANDOM! [ profile] seperis posted a story for Star Trek. Last time she posted fic for Merlin, I was rambling here about how it was so good it hurt. And.. this story did the same thing and.. and... just gaaah. So good. Oh fic.. my guilty pleasure.

I feel like I need a ZQ tag. I always end up rambling about him somehow by the end of my entries. On that note, I really need to make more icons because I wanna play with photoshop and do something more than just crop images. xD We'll see how well that works and if any of the results make it to the internets.

No new images have popped up... so... have this gif of him dancing with Kirsten Bell. With bonus!Masi on the side. :)

Ahh I love this gif. + glasses!

And just for fun. A motivational poster AND A PRESENT FOR [ profile] magicalmartha UNDER THE CUT.

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2009-06-10 02:23 am

destiny man. destiny

I decided partway through work today that I'm going a bit loopy. xD Normally I'm all energetic, but since it was an evening shift, I was feeling all off my game. Easily distracted, fidgety, the works. I took one couple to their table and they were like "oh this is where we sat last time". My answer? "I guess it's just destiny". I got the weirdest look before I just.. wandered away. And the whole way back to the front all I could think about was Merlin and whether there is something wrong with me. ahahaha.

oh! I had a strange dream last night. It's been coming back to me in bits and pieces. It was prom for some reason. I had a really pretty and floofy white halter dress. We all gathered at a friend's house (incidentally said friend was a girl I knew in high school but was never actually friends with) and we were going to surprise her by all being there? Except that I was the only person to jump out and yell surprise in the end. And then they all left while I was trying to get ready in a really confusing bathroom. So by the time I was done, I was alone in this house and I was really upset. So I called.. my house I think to be like "I hate this I wanna go home". Except then somehow I got there anyway and I had fun while totally ignoring all my friends because they made me feel alone and unwanted. ..I feel like there was more but I don't remember the specifics now.


I am listening to Coldplay and all I can think about is Cape Cod and driving along the shore on the way to the lab... ocean breeze whirling around us in the car. That was a great summer. We had a great group in the house, even if I felt like I didn't quite connect as well as I might have. I really need to work on coming out of my shell around people. If I can't do that, then my grad school years are going to end up becoming quite lonesome. xD

In the mail I have coming: Star Trek Poster. complete set of Burger King Trek glasses. Both will be coming with me. I just want them to get here so I can stare at them!

And last random tangent of the night. I started reading The Looking Glass Wars. It's going to be a quick read. Not surprising since it's a YA book and I read at an insane speed once I get into something. It's pretty good so far but I'm a bit wary on the writing at the moment? Like something is throwing me off and I can't quite figure it out. We'll see how that affects me as the book progresses.

ps- I LIED. ONE MORE THING THAT I DONT SAY ENOUGH. I FREAKING LOVE EVERYONE ON MY FRIENDS LIST!! <333 Srsly, the thought just crossed my mind and I really just needed to get that out there.
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2009-06-09 04:23 pm
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mm... salsa verde

I really need to like, start eating better on days when I have work late. I've been home all day and I've eaten a rice krispie treat and a pile of chips with green salsa. Wtf self. And now I have work in like 40 minutes. *fail*

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I can hear the song in my mind already.

Now for a meme that I know I saw floating around a while ago, but I was lazy then.

I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my f-list, so let me know with whom I'm friends!
28 questions )

Also, a fandom meme from [ profile] issahime
Name a fandom, and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character I would shag anytime:
4. The character I'd slap:
5. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
6. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
7. The coolest thing about the canon:
8. The lamest thing about the canon:
9. My guiltiest pleasure in this fandom:
10. What story I wish I could read (or art I wish I could see):
11. What story I wish I had written/still want to write:

I watched the pilot of Glee last night and was surprisingly charmed by it. It was cute and very stereotypical high school... but entertaining. I will definitely be watching it in Sept. Also, I have heard that Heroes S4 starts filming right around now. yay tv!
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2009-06-08 07:59 pm

i can has waffles

I forgot to mention on my last post about seeing the movie again. THERE WAS A HARRY POTTER PREVIEW. Totally sat there the whole time fidgeting and curling my hands over my mouth to keep from squeaking. I saw it on my laptop, but it looks sooo amazing on the big screen. I can't freaking wait until July.

Today at work I had an awkward moment. There was this one point where 2 guys came in. I'm all like, okay let's go this way to your table. Walk a few feet. Just as I start to turn to ask how they are doing, the one guy says to the other "oh my god i'm totally in love with him but he's living with this other boy". And of course just as he finishes, I meet his eyes and he's all like "oh!" And I was just thinking "well damnit now I can't make small talk with you because we're both awkwardd". It was really funny, maybe funnier at the time. And then I got back and the girl I was working with was like "where they...?" and I was just like "you bet". xD People are awesome.

And now tonight's Trek things. (lol wut)

This video by [ profile] arefadedaway was recced last night by [ profile] thefourthvine

Don't Stop Believing (Star Trek XI, Kirk and Spock) from arefadedaway on Vimeo.

It is a Journey cover. It has spoilery things. I watched it like 5 times last night. It also made me download the first episode of Glee because I liked the cover.

I HAVE WAFFLES OMG. I went to the store after work. I got: waffles, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes and marshmallows. The waffles are awesome and I can't wait to eat them. And I got the command badge in the box of Frosted Flakes and am having a stupid amount of fun waving it around at my wall.

some ZQ stuff under here (w/pic!) )

Ok I think... I am going to work on some picspam. Maybe. I might just watch that episode of Glee that I downloaded.
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2009-06-06 02:25 am
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I'm not gonna lie, the folowing video pretty much made my evening. And now I watch it and grin because it's silly.

YAY LENSFLARE. xD It's funny cuz I never once noticed the lensflare usage any of the three times I saw the movie, but it's funny to see people flail about it.


Went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to celebrate Heather's birthday and then to Zen Bar to chill with Rachel and John for a while. It was good times for sure. :)

I am annoyed about my work schedule next week. I got scheduled for Saturday lunchtime which it annoying since I wanted to go to Celebrate West Hartford that day. Hoping that someone will want to switch with me. =X And then of my other 4 shifts, 3 of them are night-time during the week. And I'm just like. urrrrgh... cuz I'm filler those nights and it means I have to stay there till close and just rawr.

*immerses self in more Trek things to wash away the pain* OST ftw!
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2009-05-15 06:09 pm
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jesus christ it's a lion, GET IN THE CAR

Hahahaha... I was totally going to make a real post last night, but then I spent an hour uploading pictures to photobucket and making a caps-filled picspam. ilu fandom, really. <3 You make my life so much more entertaining.

Ah where do I even start, this is going to turn into a mushed up topic post I think.


Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:
Awesome-ly terrifying prose! Two pages of metaphorical character description that is supposed to be appealling but really just.. missed the mark. If you scroll into the comments, there are links to actual attempts at physical depiction and the results are terrifying. It basically made me lol for a good 10 minutes when I got the link.

So... what have I been up to?

Last night Phil was like, let's hang out. So Susana, him and I all went for pizza followed by STAR TREK. I'd been waiting till I could go with my dad since he's a closet fan (he totally gets the DVDs and then watches them alone at night in the basement). But with work he was like, I dunno when we can go. Ahh it was good! I mean, I only have a marginal sense of the fandom and the main characters... but even with just that I was proud that I recognized the major players. Plus y'know.. space is pretty. So now I need to make sure I still take my dad because I think he will really enjoy it.

Today was just work.. and OH BOY. Apparently we have a new system for the front desk and it makes... zero sense. Instead of having someone to greet and take names, we are supposed to stand *in front* of the desk and just ~know~ where the available tables are. Naturally this is only when we are not on a wait.. but it is just so disorganized. And I feel bad cuz we can't balance the tables out for the servers if we don't have access to the computer screen. I'm pretty sure we're all hoping that if it ends up failing a lot, then they will say that we should go back to the other way. Silly work always having to try and change things.

I would say more, but my stomach just went "Hi there crazy person who hasn't eaten anything all day. FEED ME". I should ptobably listen to it.
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2009-05-12 10:58 pm
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milkduds of pain!

So my sister gave me these boxes of Milk Duds this evening. I managed to injure myself somehow on the first post box. All I know is that I ate some and then the roof of my mouth was scraped and metallic tasting. *sigh* Leave it to me to be injured on caramel and chocolate.

Yesterday at the mall I walked by Abercrombie and Fitch. I noted that the large ad at the front of the store has now gone beyond "half-naked male torso". It is now "half-naked male torso with jean button un-done and hand halfway down the front of the pants". Dear Abercrombie... WHY? However I did get a delicious green tea lemonade, so I suppose it's okay.

Funniest thing happened today at work.
I was seating a single woman outside on the patio. Let's call her #1. She had a Border's bag and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown in her hand. On the patio, another woman (#2 in this case) was sitting alone, waiting for her husband to join her for lunch. When I walked out with #1... #2 asked if she had read the new Dan Brown book and what else she'd bought. I feel like they must have chatted in the bookstore prior to this. #2 then revealed that she was reading New Moon and that it was OMG SO GOOD. #1 stated that she had read all 4 and that YOU ARE GOING TO JUST DIE AND LOVE BOOK THREE!!! (Keep in mind. these are two women who are probably in their late 30s/early 40s) They talk for a couple minutes about how AMAZING the books are and how excited they are for the new one. Keep in mind, I am still standing there waiting to finish showing #1 to her table. They then ask me if I have read Twilight. I say that yes I have and leave it at that.. meanwhile trying to not laugh because if I think if I'd started laughing I might have just passed out. So.. still chatting, I manage to seat #1. At which point #2 (who is still waiting for husband), grabs her tea and goes to sit with the other woman, leaving her bread and menu at her original table. About 5 minutes later we see her moving EVERYTHING from her original table over to join #1. When husband shows up... they all end up sitting together.

It was the most amusing part of work today. Sparkly vampires made them BFFs!

Then I bought a piece of cheesecake and ate it. *drool*

Ahhh cosplay!!!!
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2009-05-11 01:01 am
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"Colombians are cool. They make cocaine!"

My dad says things sometimes that make me want to facepalm. Then I do. At least sometimes it makes for amusing livejournal subject lines?

I worked today from 9am to 4:30pm. It was... not happyfuntimes. Go figure right? I have the day off tomorrow though (technically today.. oops). I'm going to use it for cosplay and making meatlof/baking.

On a very similar note WHY IS ANIME BOSTON ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY?! More like a week and half. @_@;; The sewing frenzy is well underway but I'm going to just slowly freak out more and more until we get there. Tomorrow is also "brush out wig and drench in hairspray so I can make the mods to it". Also making my Chidori wig a bit neater as it's been in storage for a while now. =S

I also have a PRIORITY ONE for Connecticon. Making Yui's outfit from the ending of K-on. RayRay is making Mio's and maybe we can con a couple more people to finish the group. xD Either way, I am psyched. Already know where to get the stockings, so after AB I need to find a wig and some patterns. YAY! I am excited.

On a related note, watched ep 6 of K-on! tonight. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it is full of fluffy moe. But y'know what.. with FMA being my other current series.. I need something fluffy and cute.

I need to DL Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. I bought volume 1 of the manga and it was.. interesting. The art style is really cool though (all black and white with no shading, etc) so I want to see how it worked in the anime.

OH OH OH! Supernatural is torrenting fine now. I grabbed a link that consisted of mostly seeds from a private tracker.. so it was going soooo slowwww. But I fixed that now, so hopefully it will be done soon. But I'm not allowed to sit and watch it forever until after the convention!
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2009-05-07 12:07 am
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"you are not 23!!!"

Lookit me, being all.. cross-posty! Might as well stay in the habit, right?

Spent a large portion of my work shift today trying to convince my co-workers that I am indeed 23 years of age. No one wanted to believe me, saying I was way too young looking. *shrug* I'll take my young-looking self and be happy about it I suppose? -_-;; I just wish it didn't always make me feel like no one takes me seriously.

However! I started the super-special-awesome cross-training. By which I mean, when I walked in they handed me a headset and said "ok go. Call someone over if you get stuck". Luckily we didn't actually go on a wait tonight (it being.. y'know.. Wednesday).. so it was about the same as greeting on a weekday lunch shift. I need to work on being more vocal over the headset with the bussers.. but it's intimidating! It's like.. all the guys on the headset, making fun of each other and occasionally being all like "RAWR THIS TABLE IT READY". *breathes* I can do this!

And now because I can! A meme/survey thinger. (I am bored)

thank god the cut-code is the same on DW and LJ! )
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2009-05-01 12:57 am
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[creative title here]

After shuffling through about 5 songs, I realized that iTunes is not going to play nice and give me a song I can quote for a good title. So we are left with the above. MARVEL AT MY WIT!

We appear to be undergoing some form of spider invasion in my house lately. Everyday I find at least ONE new arachnid I must get rid of. *sigh* Although then I start thinking about the spider segment in the cast diaries. Luckily I have not started telling people that I am restoring balance to nature. Mostly because these spiders aren't exactly being freed outside. ^^;; At any rate, I hope they get the hint and go away.

Work is progressing smoothly. Am possibly being considered for cross-training for something else. I am terified and excited. And also proud because I guess it means I have been doing a good job, or at least good enough to be noticed for something. lulz. We shall see, I just need to be on my toes for the next couple days and see if it gets approved. I feel like I'm finally starting to click with the rest of the group in the restaurant too.

The awesomeness of my flist has linked me to the following vid made by [ profile] lovestories, set to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton.

Not only do I love this song, but the pacing behind this video left me in awe. And then I definitelymaybe almost cried a little bit. Even if you have never watched Merlin, you should give it a shot anyway!

DL'ed and watched FMA episode 4 last night. IT IS POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE THAN EPISODE SEVEN OF SERIES ONE. RL-flailing post to follow.. sometime this week. This entry has gotten long enough. xD
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2009-04-28 07:32 pm
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when you smile, the whole world smiles with you

Dear internets,

Today has been a good day. If I were doing the happiness meme, it would be easy to list 10 things that had made me happy. *hums*

When I woke up this morning at 10:45 I felt well-rested (been a while since that happened), and thus I made it work on time. I ended up leaving at 2 after feeling like maybe I am a bit closer to my co-workers and generally happy. Then I went to get a bagel from the bagel place and a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. The guy working there actually knew what he was doing so it was basically perfect.

Then I went home, tried on the boots for my cosplay and realized that while they will be snug, they will fit fine. Now I just need to figure out what will work best for dying them. Yay! THEN I went to Murasaki with Lawrence and it was delicious. (SUCH a good idea, thank yooou!!) And now I am home, going to pull out some cosplay, put on some music and generally just chill.

Life.. is good. Let's keep it that way. *knocks on wood*
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2009-04-26 02:41 pm
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Ahahahahaha. Have I mentioned in here how restaurant time makes no freaking sense? Yesterday I was scheduled for 1pm-9pm. Which I feel like should be a double-shift, but wasn't listed as such. And then I ended up staying until 11 anyway.. without a break or food or anything. And the manager who said I would get dinner ended up leaving and everyone else forgot. And it was just sad. By about 10pm I was shaking and barely standing up straight without zoning out.

Also I am sad because my necklace broke and a bunch of the beads fell all over. I gathered up all the ones I could find, but I suspect I missed a few so now I need to figure out how to fix it without being obvious that some of the beads are missing. *woe*

Although I did eat some delicious ribs when I got home. And there are more delicious ribs waiting for me tonight when I get home. We close at 10.. so hopefully I will be home at 9 for real this time. Thank GOD I am not working tomorrow.

Nooo my lj is turning into "rant about work" zone. *thwaps self*

I have volume 13 of xxxHolic sitting here on my desk.. unread. I need to re-read 12 since with all the Tsubasa cross-over, I am starting to get a bit lost. Silly CLAMP.

*goes to get ice cream* It is quite warm today...
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2009-04-22 07:19 pm

i can see the world from there

First things first. "Chase the Morning" has me in its hold. I think after a good dozen listens of the whole soundtrack, it might just be my favorite song from the movie.

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday! Present is bought, cake-making is planned. And my sister has a lesson at 8:30 which means I will be present for dinner as it will have to be before then. Good times! Also CAKE.

Last night when I went to bed I was determined to not over-sleep. At 10:45 when my last alarm went off, I was determined to get out of bed and go to work. At 11:37 when the manager called my cell phone to ask if I was ok and going to work.. I was so upset at myself. *hangs head* I was across town in 15 minutes. I'm so glad I'm not working tomorrow... *breathes*

I watched the Half-blood Prince trailer!! *slowpoke.jpg* It was.. visually impressive? I honestly haven't read the books in so long that I can't really compare book vs movie anymore. *woe* It makes me sad to even look at my books since I'd dropped all of them and now half of them just have chunks of pages falling out. And I never did get my copy with the Falmouth bookstore plate back from Pat. So it's all just a sad story. I do think I'd like to re-read at least the 6th and last soon. I am excited about the movie and hoping I can do the midnight showing thing. The logistics are tricky as both my cousin and grandma will be here when it comes out, which means my mom may not let my sister come with me. And... well I don't have anyone else to go to the movies with. xD I am lame.

I bought a pair of light blue/aqua tights for my cosplay. I need to get my ass to Jo-ann's for fabric and possibly a pattern.