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Tomorrow I drive off into the wilds of Maine. I am less than excited about it right now. And by wilds of Maine, I mean..... almost-Canada Maine. Like... 6 hours alone in my car full of field gear Maine. fmlllll.

Not to mention that the low tide here is at 6:30am, and I need to hit it to finish up some stuff. PLUS I need to make like half my new dispensers, including another trip to the bunker.... alone... on the weekend. *shiver* And oh yeah, after all that... THEN I get to drive to Maine. And I can feel the impending breakdown already. I'm still sore from last week's field work and I almost cried like three times in the 2.5 hours it took me to get from West Hartford to my apartment tonight.

And to top it all off... NO INTERNET UNTIL WEDNESDAY NIGHT. D: D: D: omg. Since I don't know if there is internet at the Darling Center cabins, I am not bringing my laptop. I think I'm already starting to feel the withdrawl. I have a car charger for my phone... so when we're back in service range I can at least check twitter on my phone. (haha I sound totally crazy) I'm also bringing like 4 books for the 3 days I'll be gone so I will be kept at the maximum level of distraction. :|

10 more days till Adam.... 10 more days till Adam... *sob*


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