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So my sister gave me these boxes of Milk Duds this evening. I managed to injure myself somehow on the first post box. All I know is that I ate some and then the roof of my mouth was scraped and metallic tasting. *sigh* Leave it to me to be injured on caramel and chocolate.

Yesterday at the mall I walked by Abercrombie and Fitch. I noted that the large ad at the front of the store has now gone beyond "half-naked male torso". It is now "half-naked male torso with jean button un-done and hand halfway down the front of the pants". Dear Abercrombie... WHY? However I did get a delicious green tea lemonade, so I suppose it's okay.

Funniest thing happened today at work.
I was seating a single woman outside on the patio. Let's call her #1. She had a Border's bag and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown in her hand. On the patio, another woman (#2 in this case) was sitting alone, waiting for her husband to join her for lunch. When I walked out with #1... #2 asked if she had read the new Dan Brown book and what else she'd bought. I feel like they must have chatted in the bookstore prior to this. #2 then revealed that she was reading New Moon and that it was OMG SO GOOD. #1 stated that she had read all 4 and that YOU ARE GOING TO JUST DIE AND LOVE BOOK THREE!!! (Keep in mind. these are two women who are probably in their late 30s/early 40s) They talk for a couple minutes about how AMAZING the books are and how excited they are for the new one. Keep in mind, I am still standing there waiting to finish showing #1 to her table. They then ask me if I have read Twilight. I say that yes I have and leave it at that.. meanwhile trying to not laugh because if I think if I'd started laughing I might have just passed out. So.. still chatting, I manage to seat #1. At which point #2 (who is still waiting for husband), grabs her tea and goes to sit with the other woman, leaving her bread and menu at her original table. About 5 minutes later we see her moving EVERYTHING from her original table over to join #1. When husband shows up... they all end up sitting together.

It was the most amusing part of work today. Sparkly vampires made them BFFs!

Then I bought a piece of cheesecake and ate it. *drool*

Ahhh cosplay!!!!


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