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My dad says things sometimes that make me want to facepalm. Then I do. At least sometimes it makes for amusing livejournal subject lines?

I worked today from 9am to 4:30pm. It was... not happyfuntimes. Go figure right? I have the day off tomorrow though (technically today.. oops). I'm going to use it for cosplay and making meatlof/baking.

On a very similar note WHY IS ANIME BOSTON ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY?! More like a week and half. @_@;; The sewing frenzy is well underway but I'm going to just slowly freak out more and more until we get there. Tomorrow is also "brush out wig and drench in hairspray so I can make the mods to it". Also making my Chidori wig a bit neater as it's been in storage for a while now. =S

I also have a PRIORITY ONE for Connecticon. Making Yui's outfit from the ending of K-on. RayRay is making Mio's and maybe we can con a couple more people to finish the group. xD Either way, I am psyched. Already know where to get the stockings, so after AB I need to find a wig and some patterns. YAY! I am excited.

On a related note, watched ep 6 of K-on! tonight. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it is full of fluffy moe. But y'know what.. with FMA being my other current series.. I need something fluffy and cute.

I need to DL Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. I bought volume 1 of the manga and it was.. interesting. The art style is really cool though (all black and white with no shading, etc) so I want to see how it worked in the anime.

OH OH OH! Supernatural is torrenting fine now. I grabbed a link that consisted of mostly seeds from a private tracker.. so it was going soooo slowwww. But I fixed that now, so hopefully it will be done soon. But I'm not allowed to sit and watch it forever until after the convention!


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