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Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2010-05-31 11:44 am

of books and bagpipers


So this story begins at about 1:30am this morning. See, yesterday I bought The Hunger Games. So when I got bored of the internet, I decided to curl up in bed for a while with my new books. I should have known better. As it is a young adult book, I very quickly (read: after about an hour) found myself 100 pages in.. and unwilling to stop. The book was amazingly good and every page I read convinced me to keep going. Sometime around 3:30 am, I looked up and realized I was a bit over half done... and also that it was 3:30am. A normal person would have said, ok go to bed and read the rest tomorrow. What ended up happening is that I stayed up till 5am and finished the book.


Anyway. My plan for today (the Memorial Day holiday) was to get Dunkin, go to the lab until I got hungry around 1 or 2... and then come home. This... is not at all what happened.

Sometime around 9:30am (after a very FML-filled morning since I was running on 3 hours of sleep), I realized that if I was not careful, I was going to hit parade time on Nahant. This was especially relevant because on Friday I noticed that my usual route to work had a lot of flags along it... which usually means it is parade route. Google seemed to think that the parade was like 10ish, so I figured 10:30 would be a good time to leave.

First sign I should have turned around: when I was at the light at the end of the street, waiting for the green, my eyes got so light-sensitive that it hurt to keep them open. Then Dunkin was super busy. And then, I got onto the main part of Nahant.... and there was a police car in the way.... so I had to detour.... and proceeded to nearly get lost. Haha, I've never been that way. It as very pretty, but still... lost. Then I managed to find the lab, but there were no cars there, so I decided to just come home. I went down my usual route, thinking the parade was over. But I was wrong.

As I neared the police station, I hit a stop of cars. In front of the police station I could see a group of bagpipers. So... I went down another side street. And then, 2 cars away from the main road (on this little side streer), I sat in my car and watched the Nahant Memorial Day parade. So I sat and lol'ed for like 10 minutes because of my awful timing and the fact that I had been thinking yesterday about how I was sad about missing the West Hartford parade.

And now I am home again. So... I guess I should do some work.. or something.