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Major wank exploded yesterday over on [ profile] ontd_ai. It was interesting to watch, but it was making me all sad panda because I just wanna love the AI group and leave it at that.

I feel like I finally ate my first real meal in ages tonight. Take-out chinese. I've been eating random meals at weird times for the past few days so it was nice to sit down with my brother and sister to eat tonight.

Some lulz were had, thanks to my brother as usual.

sister: hey Nick, Archie and Veronica are getting married!
brother: what?
sister: Archie and Veronica!!
brother: you mean like... from scooby doo?
me: *headdesk* from Archie Comics
brother: oh.. what?

then we were singing and dancing to some of my music. And then this conversation happened after my sister realized he had shaved a ring around his ankle.

brother: i waxed my chest too!
sister: no you didn't...
brother: *points* yes i did!
sister: where did you get the wax?
brother: we made it, it's called sugaring.
me: wait.. you got together with your friends and waxed each other's chests
brother: no it was just with tim.
me: oh...
brother: but it's ok! he's gay. i thought that would make it ok
me: ROFL what?

And then we went back to singing and dancing around the kitchen while I did the dishes.

ladies and gents.. my life!


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