May. 1st, 2009

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After shuffling through about 5 songs, I realized that iTunes is not going to play nice and give me a song I can quote for a good title. So we are left with the above. MARVEL AT MY WIT!

We appear to be undergoing some form of spider invasion in my house lately. Everyday I find at least ONE new arachnid I must get rid of. *sigh* Although then I start thinking about the spider segment in the cast diaries. Luckily I have not started telling people that I am restoring balance to nature. Mostly because these spiders aren't exactly being freed outside. ^^;; At any rate, I hope they get the hint and go away.

Work is progressing smoothly. Am possibly being considered for cross-training for something else. I am terified and excited. And also proud because I guess it means I have been doing a good job, or at least good enough to be noticed for something. lulz. We shall see, I just need to be on my toes for the next couple days and see if it gets approved. I feel like I'm finally starting to click with the rest of the group in the restaurant too.

The awesomeness of my flist has linked me to the following vid made by [ profile] lovestories, set to "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton.

Not only do I love this song, but the pacing behind this video left me in awe. And then I definitelymaybe almost cried a little bit. Even if you have never watched Merlin, you should give it a shot anyway!

DL'ed and watched FMA episode 4 last night. IT IS POSSIBLY EVEN WORSE THAN EPISODE SEVEN OF SERIES ONE. RL-flailing post to follow.. sometime this week. This entry has gotten long enough. xD
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[ profile] kick_flaw just posted a big ol' list of Merlin recs.

And I just got my Dreamwidth invite code in my inbox.

SO NOW I WILL SIT HERE AND HEADDESK BECAUSE IT IS 3AM AND I REALLY NEED TO GO TO BED. And not y'know... read fic for another few hours and then play with a new journal.


Look for DW details tomorrow I suppose. Need to decide if I wanna grab fiarra as my username or stick with starsparkle333. (or just plain - starsparkle) Gah!


May. 1st, 2009 02:09 pm
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I signed up for Dreamwidth just now. I be fiarra. Feel free to add me!! I've been trying to add people on my LJ flist who has posted their usernames, but I suspect I have forgotten a few.

Not.. quite sure what I'm going to use it for you. Suspect I may just end up cross-posting a lot and waiting to see how the site grows.

Anyway, layout play-time will have to wait as I need to go to the bank to get a letter notarized, to the post office to mail said letter... and then I think I need to tear apart my room in an attempt to clean it and stop this spider issue. And then of course I have work at 5... so food needs to factor in there somewhere!

Yay my life!


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