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oh man... what an awesome anime line. I need to remember that one.

Well.. after much thinking I have decided that I will not being going on the trip. Especially since at this point I would need to be waiting outside the Life Sciences Building in less than 8 hours. lol. Oh well, the trip was optional anyway and from the looks of things about 5 other people are also not going. *shrug* I find myself not caring. 2 hours in a bog today was my limit. No more until Wednesday.

I pwned my genetics quiz today despite not having gone to lecture since the first week of school. <3

Tonight was fun and exactly what I needed. Went to dinner with Gerg, Emily and Jacob. I was soooo hyper. We then went out to visit the cows!!!!! (fuzzies!) It was fun. I haven't been out there in a loong time and it was nice to see the animals again. This was followed by walking on a grassy hill and lying there looking at the stars. It was nice... and on the walk back I picked a bunch of wildflowers. They're now in my water bottle on the dresser. Kawaii~!

This was followed by watching Bleach with Jacob as random drunk girls wandered in and out of his room. According to him.. that's normal. I left around midnight thinking that I wanted to be in my room. But when I got to the empty room, I realized I didn't want to be there. So I went and chilled with Justin for a while. Watched tv.. watched him install linux on his other desktop (the kid has for comps!)... yeah. Fun times.

Which brings me to my new project to add to learning how to glowstring, drawing and learning how to do a proper handstand. I'm going to learn linux! That probably sounds crazy, but I was watching Justin install linux and decided that I want to try. My solution? I still have that old laptop from freshman year and no one at home is using it. So I'm going to bring it up here and install something on there. It'll be an adventure. And then that way I'll also have something to take around with me if i ever need a computer to type something or whatever. Should be an adventure.

I'm so unsane... Perhaps I will go dl those .iso things so I can poke at stuff on my comp and get used to linux... yay for live cds!

ps- I'm so obssessed with Vanilla Ninja. They're an Estonian pop/rock/metal chick band. And they're awesome and next to impossible to find online..... *wibble*


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