Feb. 23rd, 2006 11:07 am
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There's white stuff falling from the sky outside!! Rather unexpected. I walked out of my genetic engineering class and was like, bwah?!

I'm in such a good mood right now. I walked out of class and it just hit me how lucky I am at this point in my life. I suppose it helps that I got my exam in gene engr. back and was very happy to see an 86 on the back. Oh I'm happy. I got all the multiple choice right (that's what usually screws me over) and I pwned the essays despite totally guessing on one of them. *AND* I got a "that's great!" on my SSLP=silly snails like popsicles. *grin* Basically the thing that made me lose points was the straight definitions. I basically got 2 of the 6 definitions right... *sweatdrop* Nonetheless I'm happy cuz that just means that I have the basic concepts down very well.

(OoooOOooh.... the flakes are really big and pretty now...)

(Now playing- Circle by Slipknot *sways*)

The above music choice only demonstrates the level to which Jacob's music taste has affected me. I tend to find musicality everywhere. Expose me to a type of music long enough and I'll start to find something to like about it. It takes effort sometimes, but I like to think you can find music everywhere. (rather poetic, ne?)

We watched an amusing video about genetically modified food in class today. My favorite part is when they talked about the American reaction to GM food... No one knows they're eating it and that they have been eating it for years. But when they're told they get upset and are all like "think of the the childrens!!!! oh noes!!!1!1!11!!" I'm in like, wtf? Although I'm not sure how I feel about tampering with natural selection and all that. Eh...

Perhaps I shall do some reading for poli sci since... y'know... I didn't go to class at all this week...


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