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2005-08-11 11:23 pm
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Yes... today was my final presentation!!!! And I'm still alive!!!!!

Wheee... this means that I am officially done with my internship. Which also means that my summer is over, despite not having felt like I was ever on vacation... o_O;;

I was proud of my presentation though... Just yesterday when I gave my practice run I literally had no clue what I was talking about. And then today... I gave a coherent, logical presentation.

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2005-08-03 09:03 pm

Of algae and online politics

Well, yesterday I had this entry all planned out in my head and now I've gone and forgotten everything I wanted to say.

This weekend was.. well... lonely. Everyone was out and about and I just sitting home working on graphs and sleeping. Which is what I needed, but it still made me feel like and utter loser.

I still can't believe that I have a week and half left here. And it's not just that wish I could stay here (although that would be under the condition that I could get Pat out here), it's the realization that my summer is basically over. And I feel like I haven't really had much of a vacation.

I'm also terrified of the talk I have to give next week. Not only will it be in a large auditorium with lots of pro. scientists. But my dad will be there. And anyone who knows me will know how important it is to me to make my parents proud of me. *shiver*

I also think I may be doing damage to my hand with all the grinding of algae I've done. Yesterday I had to grind more samples. This is after like 5 days of resting my hand. I think I could feel the bones and joints of my fingers rubbing together. A most disturbing feeling I must say. And to think I still have like 30 samples to go. And no help for me since Mirta is running the Lachat to analyze the water samples we took on the kayak. *woe*

And now onto what has been occupying my mind a lot lately. The subject of the DeviantArt chaos. Basically, one of the two founders (and the only one of the two left on admin) woke up one day to find himself no longer an admin on the site. Chaos much? And it all has to do with this corporate bs and such. I dunno. But of course, in a typically obssessive manner, I've been following the whole thing really closely and reading everything I can and trying to figure things out. And again we have more evidence of my obssessive personally. pfft. As if my tendancy to take up "causes" doesn't support it enough. *sigh* I'm slowly building a link list of everything I can find about this matter. It's bad. Community in chaos, other admin resigning like it's going out of style... Craziness I say. Anyway.. those of you looking to find out more, I suggest looking at the userpages of jark and spyed (the two people "fighting"). Also, justthorne is keeping a pretty good list of what's going on as well as bookdiva (jark's mommy).
I'll try and post my own list for my memory purposes later.

Oh online politics... How I obssess over thee...
It's weird really. Somewhere inside, I know they dont matter. But I always find myself drawn in... link hopping for hours... reading everything I can on the topic. And in the moment... it matters. Why else would I follow the devart thing so closely? Why else would I be so worried last year when OAN and tAn were having their hub network wars? Obviously it mattered. It may not have affected me... it may not have even changed anything when it was over. Yeah... or maybe I just have issues.. Who knows.

and thus i end on this note: yay for bagels

ps-i changed my layout but it is definitely not user-friendly despite being cool looking. Check it out! Note: I'll be modifying it at some later date i suppose.
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2005-07-29 09:21 am


yeah.... friday.... w00t?

This week has been so long and confusing. Workwise it's been ok. We did another late night on Tuesday. But then after 4am... 1am sounds like cake. Oh the level to which I have brought myself. *sigh* But we finished our cholophyll stuff and now I have to pack up the dried and ground samples to send out for analysis. oh joy. I'm seriously worried about my hand with all the grinding. I'm pretty sure I cant feel my pinky anymore. It's like I broke something.

i got to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Wednesday. *dies of happy vibe* I wasn't expecting Willy Wonka to act so.... drugged the whole time. But it worked in a weird Tim Burton sort of way. *hearts on the movie* I was smiling and laughing the whole time. And if you know me... I don't usually like laughing in movie theaters... I wouldn't dream of comparing the two versions though. They're both unique and I like them both for different reasons. *coughjohnnydeppcough* But yeah...

Also some major disappointment this week. Lena, Susana and Pat were supposed to come visit me this weekend and we were gonna go camping and to P-town. And I though we were good to go till Wednesday 10 min before the movie when Lena called me. She decided she needed to stay home this weekend to "do stuff" to prepare for her Czech friend who is coming in *two weeks*. Seriously... no comment. *dramatic sigh* So now Susana re-arranged her whole work schedule to have this weekend free and she isn't coming. And Pat is sad and disappointed and I'm just annoyed and upset. Lovely...

I leave here in two weeks.... That's so freaking scary. Mostly because I feel like I have no data to present. And only a week to get that data. Nyargh...

So I had this crazy harry potter theory. And seriously... it's majorly flawed. There are things I still haven't explained fully. And yeah... but I feel the need to tell somebody. And since no one really read this anyways, I feel pretty safe mentioning it under this cut...
Crazy Harry Potter thought )
So if anyone read that nonsense... thoughts?

*wanders off to continue data entry*

*EDIT* I took that wand test that has been floating around.... 10 inch yew and unicorn hair. hmm... And 0% on bravery... *laugh* How very right it is...... *points at flist* you should all take it! =)
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2005-07-26 09:19 am
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yay for coffee

coffee is my life saver during the week.

This weekend was *awesome*. Pat arrived in Woods Hole on Friday and he stayed till Sunday afternoon. I feel guilty for sleeping a lot of the time he was here. But I was still really tired from last week. He was super sweet and I really needed that this weekend. Things are slowly starting to go worse here. Work is becoming far too time-consuming. And I know that's why we are here, but it's hard to know that we will be putting in all this effort only to walk away in 3 weeks. People in the house get increasingly loud. Maybe being crazy and being loud is how they like to de-stress, but it's wearing on me slowly. When I'm stressed, I like to get away in silence and peace. *sigh* I dunno.

But this weekend was really nice. I had a good time relaxing and such. I'm so lucky to have him...

In other news... I FINISHED HARRY POTTER!!!! omg. I didn't know what to think afterwards...
stream of conscious thoughts )

Work is bleh. Spent all day in front of a comp. And now to work.
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2005-07-15 10:15 am
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Wow so much to tell.

I finally saw Howl's Moving Castle on Wednesday. I found it appropriate since anime night is usually Wednesday. It was the dub but I loved every minute. Howl was *awesome*. I mean.... *AWESOME*!!! My only complaint was the cheesiness of some of the translation to English. Japanese drama and romance doesn't translate well. (ie- Wow Sophie...... Your hair.... it looks like stardust!! *wtf*) Luckily I have a not-so legal copy on my hdd with subs. And now I won't feel guilty watching it since I paid for a movie ticket and plan on buying the dvd when it comes out. Even if you don't like anime I highly reccomend this movie. I walked out and I just felt happy inside. It's that sort of movie.

Harry Potter is out at midnight..... That's like 14 hours away.... EXCITING! We drove past the kid's bookstore in town where I ordered my copy, They have an alley next to it and I saw that someone had made an arch over the entrance that said "Diagon Alley". It made my inner fangirl grin like crazy. Cuz how utterly cute is that?! I just really hope I can find a ride to town tomorrow. Hell... I'll bike there if no one wants to go....

This weekend is crazy. So much colliding..... Sunday is Pat and my 10 month anniversary. I'm sad that I can't see him. Also Harry Potter comes out. Plus I have to work on Sunday too.... *sigh* And also........ Connecticon is this weekend. *woe* I was looking forward to it for months... I went last year and the second it ended I wanted to go this year. But now I'm here... so no con for me. I wanted to cosplay.... but didn't bother making anything since I knew I wasn't gonna be able to go. Next year then.... or maybe Anime Boston since it's not right before finals next year... *cry* What an odd weekend......

Ugh.. I don't wanna be here at work. I want to go curl up somewhere and sleep....... Meeeeeeeh.....

*wanders away*

(edit) *cry* I'm so mad at myself right now. I was working in the lab and I guess the syringes I was using still had some acid in them cuz now I have weird spots all over my shirt!!! *sigh* So I just ruined my shirt and I have nothing else to change into. The whole bottom from is covered in lighter green dots and smudges.... This sucks... I'm such an idiot...

So..... any ideas on what to do with it now... it looks like bleach splatters..... ._. I don't think it can be fixed....
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2005-07-12 12:51 pm
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So... what has happened to me lately?

This weekend Brian came up to visit me. We went to Provincetown which was just amusing. It's a nice atmosphere up there. Really lively and colorful. Some of the stores are a bit questionable.... (we *had* to walk into the store called Forbidden Fruit.... it looked normal from the outside...) but it was fun. Also an amazing view out there. Watched Fantastic Four. blargh. what a poorly exeuted movie. Then Sunday we went to the beach with some of his cousins which I was afraid would be awkward but turned out to be really fun.

Been doing my kayaking fieldwork. Friday and yesterday... all day in a kayak. Which would be nice except that it rained all day Friday and yesterday was *really* sunny and thus I was tired and dehydrated by the end of it all. And damn..... those seats are so uncomfortable... Thus, it is refreshing to be in the lab today just puttering around. Granted it's boring, but I'm inside where it's cool and not doing physical labor.... We go out again on Thursday. I hope it will be nice out...

There was something I wanted to say...... and now I forget. Damnit. That always happens to me. I suppose I should go look busy now.. or not. I kinda already finished everything I can do for the moment. Maybe I'll go check my mail....
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2005-07-05 06:38 pm


Had a good long day in the field. Was quite fun. yay.

Am now rather lonely and listless... Pat isn't online. Two of my housemates were here, but they left while I was showering.... Typical. I shouldn't have been expected to be invited to where ever they went, but it would have been nice. I feel so isolated out here...

Why do I feel like I just lack the people skills needed to make new friends.....? *sigh*


*puts on Gackt really loud and pretends she's not alone...*

edit: well 2 more just walked in from the store. They are fucking labelling their food with sharpie. WTF???!!!! If you can't remember which food is yours then you fucking deserve to not eat it. And who the hell would want to eat your damn organic anyway? And who the hell cares if you share something be accident?! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......I'm really starting to not enjoy being here....... Asshats.... I need to stop being so bitter.....
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2005-07-05 07:46 am


So here I am at 7:45am.... sitting in the office.... waiting for someone else to show up..... *yawn*

Weekend was quite fun. Went to Woods Hole and Stoney Beach on Saturday followed by mini-pizzas, a movie and pie. (yum). Sunday was beach. It was so nice out!!! I fell asleep in the sun and am now a little sunburnt for the first time in a loooong time. *whimper* It hurts.... And we had a lovely grilling adventure. We made hamburgers.... Neither of us have ever tried grilling before. I think there was more smoke than normal involved... but they cooked and were yummy. So there. And yesterday was really cool. We paddled out to this island near our house and brought food. We grilled on the beach!!! =) It was so fun. We also had strawberry shortcake and blueberries. (red white and blue!). Fun times. I'm glad Cristina came up to see me.

It was painful getting up this morning. It took me half an hour. Rachel wanted to leave sooo early. Luckily I'd made most of my lunch last night. And then I got here at 7:30 and thought I was going to die. I'm going out into the field today to setup half my experiment. I wish it were sunnier out... Oh well. So now we have to setup and prepare to go out. *sigh* Back to work again.

And in other news... I MISS PAT!!!! *cry* Hopefully he can come up this weekend..... *wibbles*
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2005-07-01 04:04 pm
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I'm sooooo glad it's friday. I think everyday felt like Friday which kinda sucked because I spent the whole week being mopey. I blame the weather.

It didn't help that this whole week was just lab prep work too. Lots of sitting around in the lab and labelling and washing and blah. I'm so glad that it's finally over. Tuesday we go out to setup everything in the field, which will be a very long day. But satisfying. Yeah...

Cristina is coming to visit today and is staying until Monday!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! *dances* what? me excited? *cough*

Hmm... nothing exciting to report. Just the usual. Our fridge smells....we need to clean it. Our faucet is working funny...we need to fix it. Meh.

I give up for now. So tired...

PS- Happy July. Where is my summer going????
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2005-06-27 10:11 pm
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We fixed the interweb@!!!!

End transmission.
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2005-06-27 08:51 am
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We broke the internet

ok. I'm fine now. All is well. Just to clear that up.

This weekend my mom, brother and sister came to visit me. It was fun. We went to Martha's Vineyard on Saturday. Walked around Falmouth on Sunday. Fun times. It was nice to see them again. Kinda sad saying bye since I won't see them for a month and a half now.

Over the weekend, things at the house kinda went downhill though. At 2pm on Sunday, the internet died. The modem is lit up like before, the router is sending out a wireless signal that you can connect to, but when you try and open a webpage, it doesnt work. If anyone out there has any ideas.... HELP ME?

Also, this morning I discovered that someone has been leeching off my yogurt. I had a box of 6. I had at least 4 left. I had 2 left this morning. *sigh* That means I'm screwed for the rest of the week for lunch. Woe. Stupid housemates. And I think someone slept in my bed last night cuz the pillows were all messed up. *growl*

I just want my day to be over so I can call Belkin tech support and/or Adelphia to bitch at them about the i-net failure. I'm feeling wrathful.... *grin*

Heard on the news today that the voice of Piglet died on Saturday. my childhood is dying... But I did see a funny sign today. "workers in trees" Made me think of Jacob and the tree climbing. Fun times.

Anyway.... random meme thing...
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2005-06-24 08:03 am
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I'm tired. And in the first 15 minutes of my day I managed to realize that I can't find my Palm Pilot or the cord for my iPod to transfer new music. *sigh* As if i needed more drama.

I'm in such a blah mood. I just want to get away. Go sit somewhere alone and think.

No... I'm going to be fine. I am fine. Yeah. I'm fine....

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2005-06-22 11:44 pm
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i feel warm and fuzzy

Lesee.... Yesterday I went out on a boat with Ylva and Erin. We collected marsh grass!! And I got to drive the boat which is confusing because you turn the steering handle in the opposite way from which you want to go. *eye roll* Stupid system. Then I was deadtired and puttered around the lab for a bit.

We went to the same beach I went to with Lena, Pat and Phil to watch the sunset of the summer solstice. Amazing but it made me feel small and lonely and for some reason made me want to draw. I was sitting alone on a lifeguard chair hugging my knees cuz it was so cold and thinking about this weekend and Pat and life and stuff. Good times i suppose.

Today I wasn't supposed to go out in the field and I got to work mega-early (8:30) because my ride left early. I'm sitting and Erin walks in and asks if I would go to the field with her because Ylva is out buying a car. So off I went again, this time to walk around a pond after driving the boat and collect more marsh grass. Erin is really cool. She offered to buy me lunch as thanks, but I declined because I would have felt bad.

We watched Amelie tonight. omg. soooo cute. the ending first gave me the warm fuzzies, then it made me feel lonely and in need of a hug from a certain someone. And now I'm just kinda conflicted. But an amazing movie nonetheless.

*sigh* I'm so tired. i said I was going to go to bed early tonight, but it's midnight and I still need to shower. So I guess that's not happening. Tomorrow should be ok and chill though. I get to go play with power tools and sharp things in the morning. And then it's more cleaning and dumping things into hydrochloric acid. And fun times will be had by all.....
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2005-06-20 09:12 pm
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Lazy Monday

This weekend was freakin awesome! Lena, Phil and Pat arrived around 10 on Saturday and we went off to the Falmouth Strawberry Festival where we ate yummy strawberry shortcake. Then we chilled in Woods Hole for a while and such. Dinner was a chinese takeout picnic on the beach followed by a failed attempt to toast marshmallows over a lighter. Then we went to the hotel and played cards. It was fun.

Sunday was spent at IHOP and then Old Silver Beach getting sunburned. (well i didn't get burned, but everyone else did) Then we took a pizza to the beach and had a final moment. And then they were rather sadly off. I didn't have time to mope around though because I went with my housemates to go see Batman Begins.

*hearts* Now... I havent seen any of the Batman movies, but even I liked it. yeah.

Today was boring and lonely though. Everyone is gone in Spain and I'm just puttering around. Eh.
At least it was nice outside today and I went outside.

Anyway... off to play a game or something...
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2005-06-17 11:33 pm
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We went to the first of the Friday Night Lectures at the MBL tonight. Very interesting lecture on microbial evolution.

When walking to the car we stopped to look at the ocean. I wish I could freeze that scene.... The moon was shining through clouds onto the ocean. And there was enough wind that ripples were sparkling out into the horizon. There was a lighthouse in the distance. It was amazing. It made me want to draw something.

Then we went to 99 and I got Spinach and Artichoke Dip. I'm very full now. So I will delay going to bed so I can digest a bit....

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2005-06-17 09:06 am
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Fuzzy Foxes!!

Hmm... 9:06 and at work with a muffin and a raspberry italian soda.... yummm

Well yesterday was boring since everyone here leaves for Spain today so I just sat around and tried not to get in the way too much. Lots of pretending to read and complusive email checking. Meh.

So I biked to work today!!! 11.5 miles. Hardcore. Hehe. It was actually nice. I felt good when we got here. I think that's the only time I'll ever be glad to get here. Cuz when you bike it's just so good to be done. So yeah. And since we all got here at 8:30 I had time to go to Coffee O. Of course, then I realized that I forgot my key so I couldn't get in the office anyway, so I lurked outside the door for a while. We saw a fox today on the ride. It rained last night so it looked kinda scraggly and wet. But it was cute nonetheless.

I think I might be starting to find my place here. My project isn't starting until after next week, but it's been going good with everything. Stuff is awesome with the house, even though sometimes I feel out of place with people. I'm starting to get into my routine, even getting up early in the morning!! Life is good. That's the only way I can sum it up.

And the best part is that I'm going to see people this weekend. Lena and Phil and Pat!!! I'm sad Susana couldn't come cuz that woulda been fun. Damn... I miss Pat now... *sigh*

I've started playing this online game. It's a browser game, but it's cool. Jacob got me into it and I got to lvl 7 last night.

yeeeah.... maybe I should go look busy.... *gone*
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2005-06-15 11:02 pm
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mmmm..... tea........

Hmmm.... so what have I been up to?

Work isn't very exciting. I did my presentation today after making a very nice looking powerpoint presentation. Ivan even told me I did a good job. =)
Other than that, its been lots of prepwork and such.

Yesterday we were crazy and went swimming at 8:30pm. Jeff had gone down to the beach and told us that the water was really warm. So we climbed on our bikes and biked. We swam across to the island and hung out a bit. It was actually pretty warm.

And today we went *folk dancing*!! I kid you not, it was really funny. We showed up and there were like 7 old people there. We almost didn't go in, but then we decided to be brave. I think we made those peoples night. Apparently this old guy started it with his wife decades ago, and she died just a few months back. He had three big cases full of *TAPES*. It was silly but fun.

And now it's 11pm and everyone in the house has already gone to bed. So I think maybe I will sit in the living room and watch Kino's Travels. I have to bike tomorrow, so I need to sleep soon too....

Over and out.
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2005-06-13 01:44 pm
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And my crazy dream continues

I didn't have to bike in today which was nice. Except now I'm bored. Mirta (the student I am working with) hasn't showed up. I was told by Ivan that she 'had to work at home for a while' so I have been reading all day. Bleh. I thought 'a while' meant till like after lunch, but it's nearly 2. So I think I'm stuck reading for a while. I'm annoyed that this comp doen't have PowerPoint. We have to prepare 5 min talks about our projects for Wednesday and I need to work on mine. I'm scared to mess up though because both Ivan and Mirta will be at the meeting and they both know my project very well. So if I mess something up, it looks really bad cuz they'll know. *sigh* Oh well. I'll just prepare tonight.

*glares at her reading*

Sometimes I wonder if I'm not getting the full experience since I'm not working with one set person. I see everyone else working right with one person and forming these bonds. And I havent really started anything yet. I mean, both Ivan and Mirta and most of the lab will be in Spain for a week soon and I'll be left here doing more prep work and reading. Bleh.

But I'm not unhappy. Not one bit. I like it here a lot. Yes.

This weekend Lena, Phil and Pat are going to visit me!!!!! *dances* It's gonna be fun. We're gonna do fun stuff, etc.

Well... back to work. Ivan will prolly be back from soccer soon and I need to look busy and stuff. Yays.
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2005-06-12 09:44 pm
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Real World: Cape Cod. Weekend One

Well... enough people have said it when I told them how I would be living when I was here, so I give up and will use it too.

Last week was interesting. I got to go out in the field a couple times and I was in the lab some figuing out what my project was going to be. I think I know what it's gonna be on now, but I've been procrastining on the reading which is bad. So I'm terrified of tomorrow cuz if someone asks me a question, I might end up giving them a blank stare. But it's ok.

The house is great but I wonder about the dynamics sometimes. Like... I feel kinda isolated sometimes. Mostly because 2 of the girls have really bonded and no one else is really making an effort to be really friendly. But I think I can deal because I think soon we're all gonna be really busy with our projects.

This weekend was fun though. See, our house is about 11.5 miles to Woods Hole which is where we all work. And the other girls have been riding into work. So yesterday, when we didn't have internet yet, we wanted to check our email. And since the MBL library is open 24 hours, we biked to the town of Falmouth (about 9 miles) and walked around. Then we went on to Woods Hole and stayed at the library for a bit. I did get a really good wrap though. Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Yummm. Went to the beach for a bit, then returned to the house with a very sore butt.

Today, still recovering from yesterday, we biked to the Falmouth Harbor and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Once there we biked around three of the towns and poked around. It was fun, but my legs feel like they're going to fall off and my butt hurts like nothing else. I really need to get a cushion for that damn seat.

So in total... I think I biked like 55 miles this weekend. And the irony is that despite feeling like I'm drowning in soreness, I intend to bike to work tomorrow. Oy vey. I'm crazy.

Anyway.... I'm damn tired and it's not even 10pm. That's really sad. I think I need to go read myself to sleep or something. I have to leave at 7:45 tomorrow to make it on time.

*wanders away*
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2005-06-09 02:50 pm
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This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!

OK. Bad. I've had that damn song stuck in my head all day.

Anyway... I'm alive. Moved here to Cape Cod on Sunday and met my 6 wonderful housemates. It's a cute house. 2 floors; main and a basement. I'm in the basement with 2 other girls. We have a bathroom and a small kitchen. Fun times. I also bought a used bike. It is very..... pink....

I'm working at the Marine Biological Labs in Woods Hole in the lab of Ivan Valiela. It reminds me of my dad's lab. A man with an all female student lab. *ponders* I've done lots of field work. By that I mean going out on a boat and getting really wet and cold. Also snorkeling and looking at sea grass. Yays. I'm starting on an algae project soon which should be cool. But lots of reading awaits which isn't so nice.

I'm just chillin' here waiting for the person I need to talk to. *sigh* And I was... scared. Ivan's phone was ringing and he's in the next room. And he came in and missed the call twice. And he kinda... looked at my funny and told me to answer it. I was like "*cringe and hide* *small voice* ok...".

Ugh.... i wanna go outside.....

Getting internet on Saturday in the house. Hooray for internet.