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Well, yesterday I had this entry all planned out in my head and now I've gone and forgotten everything I wanted to say.

This weekend was.. well... lonely. Everyone was out and about and I just sitting home working on graphs and sleeping. Which is what I needed, but it still made me feel like and utter loser.

I still can't believe that I have a week and half left here. And it's not just that wish I could stay here (although that would be under the condition that I could get Pat out here), it's the realization that my summer is basically over. And I feel like I haven't really had much of a vacation.

I'm also terrified of the talk I have to give next week. Not only will it be in a large auditorium with lots of pro. scientists. But my dad will be there. And anyone who knows me will know how important it is to me to make my parents proud of me. *shiver*

I also think I may be doing damage to my hand with all the grinding of algae I've done. Yesterday I had to grind more samples. This is after like 5 days of resting my hand. I think I could feel the bones and joints of my fingers rubbing together. A most disturbing feeling I must say. And to think I still have like 30 samples to go. And no help for me since Mirta is running the Lachat to analyze the water samples we took on the kayak. *woe*

And now onto what has been occupying my mind a lot lately. The subject of the DeviantArt chaos. Basically, one of the two founders (and the only one of the two left on admin) woke up one day to find himself no longer an admin on the site. Chaos much? And it all has to do with this corporate bs and such. I dunno. But of course, in a typically obssessive manner, I've been following the whole thing really closely and reading everything I can and trying to figure things out. And again we have more evidence of my obssessive personally. pfft. As if my tendancy to take up "causes" doesn't support it enough. *sigh* I'm slowly building a link list of everything I can find about this matter. It's bad. Community in chaos, other admin resigning like it's going out of style... Craziness I say. Anyway.. those of you looking to find out more, I suggest looking at the userpages of jark and spyed (the two people "fighting"). Also, justthorne is keeping a pretty good list of what's going on as well as bookdiva (jark's mommy).
I'll try and post my own list for my memory purposes later.

Oh online politics... How I obssess over thee...
It's weird really. Somewhere inside, I know they dont matter. But I always find myself drawn in... link hopping for hours... reading everything I can on the topic. And in the moment... it matters. Why else would I follow the devart thing so closely? Why else would I be so worried last year when OAN and tAn were having their hub network wars? Obviously it mattered. It may not have affected me... it may not have even changed anything when it was over. Yeah... or maybe I just have issues.. Who knows.

and thus i end on this note: yay for bagels

ps-i changed my layout but it is definitely not user-friendly despite being cool looking. Check it out! Note: I'll be modifying it at some later date i suppose.


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