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Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2005-08-11 11:23 pm
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Yes... today was my final presentation!!!! And I'm still alive!!!!!

Wheee... this means that I am officially done with my internship. Which also means that my summer is over, despite not having felt like I was ever on vacation... o_O;;

I was proud of my presentation though... Just yesterday when I gave my practice run I literally had no clue what I was talking about. And then today... I gave a coherent, logical presentation.


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*does hoo-hoo air fist circle* yay for being done!! :)

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Well done mate! Congrats!

*jealous* I love giving presenations..... I'm decent at "on-the-spot" bullshitting. ;-)

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Woot, congrats Lina!!! *leaves cookies and hugs*

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