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Hmm... 9:06 and at work with a muffin and a raspberry italian soda.... yummm

Well yesterday was boring since everyone here leaves for Spain today so I just sat around and tried not to get in the way too much. Lots of pretending to read and complusive email checking. Meh.

So I biked to work today!!! 11.5 miles. Hardcore. Hehe. It was actually nice. I felt good when we got here. I think that's the only time I'll ever be glad to get here. Cuz when you bike it's just so good to be done. So yeah. And since we all got here at 8:30 I had time to go to Coffee O. Of course, then I realized that I forgot my key so I couldn't get in the office anyway, so I lurked outside the door for a while. We saw a fox today on the ride. It rained last night so it looked kinda scraggly and wet. But it was cute nonetheless.

I think I might be starting to find my place here. My project isn't starting until after next week, but it's been going good with everything. Stuff is awesome with the house, even though sometimes I feel out of place with people. I'm starting to get into my routine, even getting up early in the morning!! Life is good. That's the only way I can sum it up.

And the best part is that I'm going to see people this weekend. Lena and Phil and Pat!!! I'm sad Susana couldn't come cuz that woulda been fun. Damn... I miss Pat now... *sigh*

I've started playing this online game. It's a browser game, but it's cool. Jacob got me into it and I got to lvl 7 last night.

yeeeah.... maybe I should go look busy.... *gone*


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