Mar. 9th, 2012

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Well hello. How is everyone today? Good, I hope.

I have been on Spring Break this week; which really means that I have been doing more reading at home and I haven't had to teach. I have also somehow managed to turn myself into a creature with natural waking hours of... 11:30am-3:30am. This is mostly unfortunate and means that next week is going to be difficult.

I went to visit my parents at the beginning of the week, which was a nice recharge. I also visited the asian grocery store and bought ALL OF THE THINGS. Basically, I just threw my debit card at them and didn't look at the total. I now have a bag of pocky/other candy, a freezer full of dumplings and pork-filled buns, and ramune in the pantry. Also, more supplied for sushi making yay! I also had an amusing conversation with my mother about Lent that... is an accurate summary of my family.

Lent conversation under cut for length )

So yes, that happened.
This month I get a [ profile] manderkitty for a week, which is super exciting. I have no plans for us yet, so if any local people have awesome ideas of things to do... halp?

I finished reading Timeless last night and OH GOD IT WAS SO GOOD AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ PARASOL PROTECTORATE. I am sad that the series is over, but I enjoyed the ending and can't wait for the follow-up series. Now, go read it so you can talk to me about it. And while I am telling you all to do things, go watch Grimm because it is the GREATEST EVER THE END.

In other news, I am making two kinds of cupcakes tomorrow to bring to the fangirl party tomorrow: Mint Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. I am subbing the buttery frosting on the mint ones with a minty whipped cream in an attempt to decrease the amount of butter. I am excited and our apartment is going to smell delicious.


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