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Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2012-03-09 03:14 pm

the images they sell are illusion and dream

Well hello. How is everyone today? Good, I hope.

I have been on Spring Break this week; which really means that I have been doing more reading at home and I haven't had to teach. I have also somehow managed to turn myself into a creature with natural waking hours of... 11:30am-3:30am. This is mostly unfortunate and means that next week is going to be difficult.

I went to visit my parents at the beginning of the week, which was a nice recharge. I also visited the asian grocery store and bought ALL OF THE THINGS. Basically, I just threw my debit card at them and didn't look at the total. I now have a bag of pocky/other candy, a freezer full of dumplings and pork-filled buns, and ramune in the pantry. Also, more supplied for sushi making yay! I also had an amusing conversation with my mother about Lent that... is an accurate summary of my family.

We were sitting at dinner (nom, salmon) and chatting. My brother was on Skype so I was chatting with him there too. My mom mentioned Lent and told me that my sister had emailed her on Friday to ask if she was allowed to eat chicken on Fridays during Lent. She has been sick, so my mom apparently told her that it would be okay to get some chicken soup.

The following then happened:
Me: Oh... I thought it was only red meat/beef, not ALL meat.
Mom: No.... You're not supposed to have chicken either.
Me: Oops? I messed that up anyway because I made pasta sauce with ground beef on Friday. How many Fridays has it been anyway?
Mom: *side-eye* Ask your brother if he forgot too?
Me (on Skype): So did you remember to not eat meat on Fridays?
Brother: Oh shit. Yeah I had wings on Friday. Also I think I had steak tips the week before.
Me: Yeah it's okay, I forgot too.
Brother: ...I don't even know what Lent is for.
Mom: *blank stare*

Meanwhile, my dad (who is not religious at all) is dying laughing in the background at all of us. According to him, there is a man in a red suit and horns waiting for me and my brother. Oh my family.

And of course, as I type this, I realize that it is Friday and I just ate a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

So yes, that happened.
This month I get a [ profile] manderkitty for a week, which is super exciting. I have no plans for us yet, so if any local people have awesome ideas of things to do... halp?

I finished reading Timeless last night and OH GOD IT WAS SO GOOD AND EVERYONE SHOULD READ PARASOL PROTECTORATE. I am sad that the series is over, but I enjoyed the ending and can't wait for the follow-up series. Now, go read it so you can talk to me about it. And while I am telling you all to do things, go watch Grimm because it is the GREATEST EVER THE END.

In other news, I am making two kinds of cupcakes tomorrow to bring to the fangirl party tomorrow: Mint Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. I am subbing the buttery frosting on the mint ones with a minty whipped cream in an attempt to decrease the amount of butter. I am excited and our apartment is going to smell delicious.