fiarra: ([pita ten] misha. nyaa..) potato chips... and death....

Urrrrrrrgh.... I feel so beyond crappy right now. Just general fatigue *everywhere*. It's quite sad cuz it makes me feel like I'm falling apart. Let's run it down: sore shoulders, ache-y tummy, shivering cuz it's cold, faint headache, and just plain tired. Not sleepy. Just tired in the sense that I'd like to collapse somewhere and stare at the ceiling blankly. Meh... *shivers*

In other news... uumm... yesterday sucked. and stuff will just generally continue to suck as time goes on... and then I'll adapt to the change and things will stabilize. But until then, mmmmrph....

In OTHER other news... I reached lvl 10 in World of Warcraft. Yes... I've been playing WoW. But it's ok for now cuz I have the time. And this isn't my laptop anyway and it's not my account. So when I get back to school, give Jacob back his laptop, and start classes; I will not be playing much if at all. For now it's a fun thing to do to pass the time here at home. I'm interested to see how much higher I can get above lvl 10 before going back on Friday evening.

Going to some concert at Hall tonight cuz the jazz band is playing. Don't really want to go, but I honestly have nothing better to do at this point. *shivers more* Why is it so cold!?

Perhaps I will go lie down and hope the Motrin kicks in before we leave for that concert....


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