Oct. 15th, 2009 11:11 am
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I have no motivation today. I have class in 5 minutes... and a pile of midterms that need to be graded just sitting here. I have serious motivation issues like all the time. I am supposed to be writing this proposal for an NSF fellowship. I don't even need to do the research for it.. just write something. And I'm like.. scared that I'm going to write something up, give it to my advisor.. and he's going to hate it and think i'm stupid and then maybe wonder why he took me on as a student. I know I would not have been accepted if they didn't think I could do it... but I feel really insecure. =\ Someone tell me I'm not stupid.

The rest of the Maine trip went well though. It was nice the second day if a bit windy. And I actually managed to accomplish something after I wrote that last entry. This week has seriously been dragging as a result of a week away. I was doing so well before we left and now it's a struggle again.

On Saturday I went into the city to watch my brother's cross-country meet. Did you know that meets require a lot of audience running too? Yea.. I didn't either. But it was nice to see him.. and my parents came up so we got a late lunch together after. I figured out some of the Chinatown area and then my dad bought me a soft warm fuzzy hoodie from Eddie Bauer as an early bday present. I'm wearing it now. Except then I went off to Newbury St and ended up in American Apparel. I knew that I was going to end up buying the black and white stripey GQ hoodie! I should not have done it, but... I wanted tooooo. *whine* I also went into Urban Outfitters, but it was really crowded and messy so I gave up. Instead I went to Sephora and bought more nailpolish. My addictions, let me show you them!

I LOVE GLEE! Anyone else watching? I've managed to talk people around here into watching it, but they all watch it delayed so I can't flail at people for a few days after the episode. I was considering buying the music on iTunes, except then I saw that the vol 1 ost for it is coming out nov 3rd.. and it has Defying Gravity on it (my fave song from Wicked!!). So I am waiting. Downloaded what was out for now. :3

Also, anyone following me on twitter will be seeing a lot of my caps-lock filled flailing. Just gonna say.. it's not going to let up. We haven't even heard a snippet of ANY of Adam's new songs. I'm not counting the 2012 preview simply because it's not going to be on his cd and is reportedly not representative of his album sound. THEY ARE SUCH TEASES. So yes... if this is already happening without any music... then I might just explode and die when we get to hear something. JUST SAYIN.

Ok I have.. 20 minutes before I need to eat lunch before class. Off I go!


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