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I love having days off. Sadly it always throws my weekdays off though, as I spent all day having to actively remember that it was Friday. Went to the mall and bought myself a pair of grey shorts and a brown skirt. There was a sale.. and my mind went "you need things for this vacation you are going on". And the shorts are longer so I won't feel totally self-concious wearing them. BONUS! (omg that reminded me of This is My Milwauke. I need to check to see if anything came of that). Anyway, I had this 25% off Borders coupon that I wanted to use on a book for my dad for father's day + possibly some DVDs. But then they didn't have book OR any interesting DVDs. So boo to them.

And then I went to Toys R Us where the Star Trek section is incorrectly labelled. There is a whole row of Star Wars - Clone Wars signs. But the last like fifth of the shelf was all the Star Trek stuff. lulz. They had phasers! And the large dolls action figures. But I was like, NO I WILL NOT SPEND. And then I bought a Spock toy anyway. ( I kinda want the matching Kirk one now. 1) They weren't too expensive. 2) SPOCK MIGHT GET LONELY IF I DONT. Also Kirk has a phaser. xD

I want to take pictures of my Spock doing battle with the various things in my room and exploring. I already had fun putting Pokemon figures on his head and thinking about how unamused he looked about the whole thing. AHAHAHAHA!

Oh! Tangent. Am set for the Friday of Can't Stop the Serenity (ps- Michy, Rayray and Janet. I need to know how we're gonna do this and if people are gonna be able to get up closer to West Hartford before we head out that evening. I can drive to get people if need be but yeah. xD) Course then work went and scheduled me for SATURDAY AT LUNCH. So now I'm all FML because I'm gonna get home at some ungodly hour Saturday early morning and will have to be alert for a Saturday shift of FILLING AND THINKING mere hours later. I WILL WIN DAMNIT.

This weekend is going to be a mess of one too because I'm working during the one time I wish I didn't have to be. So I plan on getting to Celebrate!WH for like 45 minutes before work tomorrow. And then maybe to get a sno cone after work. xD And then lunch time for delicious foods and more art wanderings. We shall see how well this works.

As a last note. More pictures of ZQ. Because they released a whole set of outtakes from the GQ Germany shoot (which you will recall is one of my faves). So I need to post the outtakes here in order. (oh guuuuuh)

set phasers to sexy )

Woosh to bed! (GO HEROES TORRENT GO!)


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