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I'm starting to wonder if that cantalope I just ate wasn't all that great an idea cuz my tummy is feeling kinda shaky now.

Sometime after my last entry I made the mistake of thinking... again. I should stop that. Ay any rate, things will work out for me somehow.

One thing I haven't gotten used to at all is that hate. The bitterness. I know I could have handled this whole situation better, but... I did what I thought right at the time. Retrospectively, I'm sorry... I know that doesn't even begin to sum it up, but it's the best I can do right now. I'm moving on.

I'm so groggy... this morning thing just isn't my thing clearly. Neither is sleeping on couches in study lounges. lol. Long story. Basically my plan after work had been go to my room, study, go running with the midnight running crew, sleep. It ended up being chill with people in the quad till midnight, walk to subway for food. And then in a fit of everyone complaining about the work we had to do, Steve, Justin and I decided to attempt to pull a studying all-nighter. So I grabbed my stuff and went to the study place. Yeah... not quite an all-nighter... Justin realized that he didn't have as much work to do as he thought (read: like none -_-;). And sometime around 3:30 I realized that my genetics reading just wasnt making sense anymore. So I grabbed a blanket (even though it was so hot... i can't sleep without some sort of covering) and pillow and promptly passed out on the couch. I woke up at 7:30 when Steve's cell phone alarm went off. Whee. Disoriented much?

Hmm.. *goes back to thinking in an attempt to stay awake* >.< stupid brain...


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