Oh life...

Oct. 19th, 2005 02:59 am
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Yay 3am!! *sigh* Why am I still awake? Oh yeah.. because I have a big exam on Friday and need to memorize 160 scientific plant names before then... Bleh.

The rest of my weekend went well. Sunday was the first time I saw my parents in like a month and it was really nice. Didn't do much Sunday beyond poke around the house and get back to school. I found my old laptop in the basement!!! It's so amazingly awesome I don't know how I thought I could survive college with it. Mac OS 8.1 and a total harddrive space of 775mb. I basically have a cd in laptop form sitting my room here now... *sweatdrop* I must play around with it more after Friday.

Work was the usual blah. Wasn't feeling very good. It was weird. I felt kinda lonely again, but more in the sense that I saw how much fun everyone had this weekend and was feeling kinda left out. Granted, I was home so it was inevitable. I just have brain-type issues I guess. Whatever.

Monday was... interesting to say the least. ZOMG!!! Emily made me this absolutely amazing book. She's taking an art class where she has to practice book binding and stuff. The cover is insanely shiny blue and all the pages are black. Every 7 or so pages there's an insert with an ocean scene. She also gave me some silver pens to go with it. go here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/24150898/ for pictures. It's prettyful.

I also got suspended from work for my Thursday shift. Basically I made a really stupid mistake in the system that was more a result of me not doublechecking my stuff than a bad mistake. But nonetheless, I'm not going to work on thursday, which I suppose I should take as a good thing since I have that huge exam on Friday.

Meh. I dunno... I'm too restless for this.. maybe I'll just try studying some more...


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