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Frustration is... reading a multi-chaptered fic (like... 12+ chapters), getting to the end.. and realizing that it's not the end and that the author hasn't updated it in a year. *sigh*

Also I managed to start one of my fingers bleeding and it won't stop.


Went to Six Flags today with my cousin and sister. It was a great day for it really. Thursday, a bit overcast so it wasn't too crowded. We got there about half an hour before open and jumped right on some rides. Mind Eraser... lived up to its name for sure. I am seriously wondering how I didn't just pass out from the repeated head-bashing. I have also decided that Flashback is like... cursed for me. It had techical difficulties and got stuck went we rode it on Physics Day senior year. And today, we rode it... and then sat strapped in at the platform for like 5 minutes watching for the tech guys to get there to fix something to let us out. I was just like, that's it. Never again. It hurt my head anyway!

After all that, we managed to over-stuff ourselves and then I wandered around alone because I am not overly fond of the water park thing. It got me on the Bizzaro (previously known as Superman) an extra time.. IN THE FRONT ROW. So badass. Also rode the tower drop twice - thank you single riders line.

After the girls were done with the water rides, we wandered a bit more. Got on Bizzaro again. Went to this weird Houdini ride that wasn't really a ride... just a total MINDTRIP OMG. Then we got ice cream. In the process... the sky opened up on us.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW ONE OF THE THINGS I AM MOST FRIGHTENED OF IS DRIVING IN A THUNDERSTORM. It was 8:10. We had finished our ice cream... lightning had been flickering for a while so it was obvious that the day was over. As we start walking to the car... HUGE COLD RAINDROPS. Everywhere. And then the thunder started. And then we were trying to walk back to my car because my sister was like "let's not take the shuttle, it's an adventure *skipskip*". Meanwhile I am freezing to death slowly and trying not to think about how I needed to drive in the now-pouring rain. I was soaked and shivering as we pulled out of the lot. I'm not entirely sure how we made it home alive. I was so busy clutching the wheel with both hands trying not to twitch that I missed a lot of that time. Definitely hydro-planed a few times. Hoping my car has a chance to dry out tomorrow before I drive it again.

Just.. awful stuff. I don't like driving because you see the lightning.. but you don't hear the thunder. Except when you DO hear it, it's more terriyfing somehow because it means it was loud enough to be heard over car noises. So I'm always torn between trying to drown it out... or to listen intently.

Anyway. I'm home now. Looks like everyone is off to Mystic tomorrow so I will have free reign to do cosplay stuff before work.

Also.. my finger is still bleeding. I think I need to go patch myself up and then sleep. I am so tired.


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