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today was a good day.

i went to all my classes. anthro discussion was amusing as usual, i think i might actually miss it. i got my word of the week: BLENDERIZING! the ta made it up. she's awesome. i played some pool. i've been getting better, but i still cant beat chris at it. work was good. i was on the phone for 38 min with this one girl and ended up having her go for a walkin anyway. but she told scott that the girl she talked with on the phone was really nice and helpful and that she was happy with the job i did. =) i felt proud. makes being there on the bad days worth it. plus, this guy called with a mac problem and i was able to figure out how to fix it ALL BY MYSELF! yay. i like rezweb.. lots.

i've been working on my plant bio presentation since then. i had to research the mapping distribution of zostera marina and make maps. the hardest part was using google to find clean maps that had everything outlined for me. but now it looks really pretty. i even found a pretty pic for the title slide! plus i got dp dough and had fun while doing the powerpoint stuff.

and now it is 4am. and i'm happy inside for some reason. it's going to be a fun weekend too.



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