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...and i dont have to deal with this....

Quite honestly.. I'm sick of my mom and her mind games. Her random turns of temper and refusal to talk to or look at me. Take tonight. I politely inform her that I will be going out at 7pm to hang out with Susana and Phil (who goes to school in Ohio and who I havent seen in months). She instantly informs me curtly that they have gone and bought fish for everyone and that it won't be ready until past 7. I then propose that I deal with the food for myself. She flips out about not being there for dinner.

Fine. Phil calls me anyway to move everything to 7:30. At 7:05 I go out and see salad and corn on the table. I then ask if I should just eat since I will be going soon. Again she flips out, accusing me of not wanting to be home, making my friends more important than family. Lots of stuff about wanting a nice family dinner. (those never happen anymore.. someone always gets angry before we're done with salad). Then she yells that she doesn't care anymore and that I should "eat and get out". I offer to call Phil and move everything to 8. She glares at me, says she doesn't care and to get out and walks away.

I call Phil and move everything to 8.
Me: I called Phil, I'm not leaving till 8. Do you need help with dinner.
My only answer is a glare and her back as she walks away.


4 more days.....


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