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2012-08-21 03:25 pm

she took the midnight train going anywhere

I basically had the perfect weekend this past weekend. I had a friend visiting me and we sat around watching JGL movies, talking about fandom and life, and ordering all our meals in the form of delivery. We ended up watching Hesher, 50/50, Brick, Manic... and then ended the weekend by watching Reichenbach. (We clearly hate ourselves). Also, I don't think I ate any vegetables and felt like crap for the rest of Sunday, oops.

And now it's back to work. August is almost over and there are an increasing number of undergrads on campus. There's 2 weeks till classes start officially and we still don't have our TA assignments, go figure. I just want to know what my schedule is so I can plan the rest of my life? I'm in the process of applying for a part-time thing with the overnight programs at the Museum of Science. I think it'll be good teaching experience outside of academia, and also potentially fun.

Question though. The application form says that I have to list professional references, so I emailed both of the bio lab supervisors (who have seen most of my teaching) to ask if I could list them. The problem is that one of them has an out of office message and they won't be back till Sept. Is it bad if I list her anyway? What are the chances the museum even contacts any of them?


In more fun news, tv is still consuming my life. Teen Wolf ruins everything and I might be writing a thing. If I thought I could make it 15,000 words, I would sign up for the big bang, but right now it's just vague ideas... so I better not tempt fate. Speaking of writing, I have too many WIPs, I should get on that. (There is the Mentalist thing - which I have plotted, but words are HARD, I still have a Grimm Hogwarts AU on the backburner, I promised Manda I would do a 1D thing, ugh).

Grimm started last week and it is SO GOOD, you guys. I just needed everyone to watch this show because it gives me a lot of feelings and thoughts and I want to discuss it all forever. It's certainly not flawless, but the world it is building around the characters is just too good to skip. Can't wait to see where the season goes.

So yes, that is where I am right now.
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2012-05-16 01:52 pm

feels like i'm having a meltdown, feels like i'm losing control

So, I totally didn't mean to vanish for nearly a month. It has been kinda hectic for me with the semester ending, all my weekend trips, and the beginning of the summer session.

I actually have a mental backlog of posts I want to make, so have a list!
- two 100 noms posts (I have had the pics for weeks now, oops).
- two 100 science things posts (again, I know which 2... )
- I'd like to make a post with my feels on the 2 Tribeca films I saw (Rat King and Caroline & Jaackie)

I had thought about making an Avengers feels post.... but I feel like everyone has done that already. Speaking of which, I am going to see it again tonight and I am preeeeetty excited about it. My change in LJ icon default reflects this.

School-wise... things go on? I have started TAing with my new class and it's been pretty okay so far. (Side note: I just got a call on my phone from Forks, WA and I am giggling to myself). The material is not difficult, it's just a lot to learn for the first time and then be able to teach. But I will muddle through!

But I don't actually care about that! I care more about all my tv shows ending for the season and destroying my emotional state. I watched the Hawaii Five-0 finale last night and was a mess for like an hour afterwards... which.... is not something that apparently happened to everyone else who watched it? I know it's stupid TV, but I love it anyway because they all have excellent faces and it's entertaining.. and that is enough for me. *sits in corner and sulks*

I have to watch The Finder still (which was unsurprisingly cancelled. I will miss it anyway). I also have The Mentalist.... which has destroyed me with all its other finales, so I don't expect this to be any different. And this time I won't even have more episodes to ease the pain. (Someday I will make my post of Patrick Jane feels and no one will read it, but I won't care. Someday). AND THEN GRIMM IS ON FRIDAY AND I ACTUALLY WILL DIE SO NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER. /cough.

Wow, based on this entry, all I care about in life right now is TV. Oops.

Anyway, I hope things are good for everyone out there. Now back to work! :)
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2012-04-14 12:58 am


I need a Grimm icon.

Grimm was confirmed as being something that will be at Comic-Con in July. I made a really embarrassing, inhuman noise when I read the news on Facebook. I promise that I am not searching the internet for a large bag to use when I kidnap David G. he is tiny, he would totally fit

In other news, the West Coast is live-tweeting tonight's episode (or they possibly just finished) and I am dying because Manda is away and I can't watch without her AND I MIGHT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MONDAY.

brb, curling up in bed with my kindle and maybe crying a little. /over-invested
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2012-02-28 11:43 am

starships are meant to fly

Time for the weekly round-up. Who's excited?! ... Yeah, I thought so.

So things. Teaching is... teaching, which is all I will say about that. Spring Break is next week though, which means a break from the teaching and that is very exciting. Today in lab we dissected a starfish and a regular fish. I heard someone mention in the back that the starfish "doesn't look anything like Patrick". Also, watching 19 students attempt to dissect a fish is surprisingly funny.

The SPN train rolls on. The season 5 finale may have destroyed me for like... an hour. I didn't realize I had SO MANY FEELINGS, but then everything happened and I am suddenly crying at my laptop screen. Urm, yes. Dean remains my favorite. Sam without a soul is somehow more tolerable than normal Sam. And I continue to be amused by/adore Crowley despite the show's best efforts to make me dislike him. He just wants to expand hell, okay. (I apparently have a lot of fun with characters who are unrepentantly on their own side - Pottermore was right to put me in Slytherin).

Uh... what else am I paying attention to now? There is that CBS Sherlock thing, which... has caused a lot of rage. The current update being that Lucy Liu is going to be Watson - as a failed doctor, now assistant? I remain skeptical, but am mostly amused by all the anger. I don't agree with most of the changes, but so much of tv is derivative of Sherlock and right now I am looking at it as more of the same... just much more literally? *shrug*

BUT REALLY I AM JUST EXCITED BECAUSE OH MY GOD STAR TREK IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING. First there were all those pics of ZQ and Benedict and Zoe. And now there is THIS VIDEO of fight choreography and dsnalkg;sdajld. Hi, I am very excited. I am going to eat up every damn spoiler we get.

Timeless is going to be delivered to my kindle tomorrow AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ. Professor Lyall! Alexia! EVERYONE! YAY!

In other news, I am trying to bento again because I am spending too much money on buying lunch lately. I am an adult!

The last episode was so good. And this week's preview looks amazing. CAPTAIN RENARD PLEASE TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS.
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2012-02-21 03:35 pm

like a monkey on the sun, it was too hot to live

So... I am like 5 years late to this party, but I appear to have fallen down the Supernatural rabbit hole.

Last week [ profile] manderkitty was like, hi I want to catch up on Supernatural. Mostly this was inspired by the episode where Jensen Ackles is wearing a 40s style suit and being awesome. Also, the recent carnival episode. Now, I have resisted this show for years. I own seasons 1, 2 and 4 on DVD and had only ever gotten through a handful of s1 episodes before I ran away. (Mostly because the online fandom is batshit, and I just don't need that in my life).

So, now it's Tuesday and we've watched all of s4, half of s5... and a handful of earlier eps to make up for plot gaps that I needed to see. I have also acquired a Netflix account? *sigh* I swear I didn't mean for this to happen. Now I am just lost in this abyss of endless amounts of angst and pain.... tempered by occasional visits to places like TV Land.

Also I just need to state for the public record that Dean and Castiel are my favorites.

At some point I will go back and actually watch the earlier seasons. This is mostly because I posted about the show on facebook and apparently people care more about my show watching habits than my ACTUAL REAL LIFE. So many feelings. So many.

In other news, it is not a good sign when I am counting the number of correct answers on an exam because it is easier to count up the grade that way.
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2012-02-14 03:21 pm

hogwarts houses are srs bsns

I have been super sleepy all day, but then I found a Grimm - Hogwarts AU and I got into an extended conversation with Manda about who belongs in which house. This was ultimately supposed to make me read the cross-over, but just made me feel like everyone else's opinion is wrong. Anyway, just recording our conclusions... for posterity, or something.

Grimm at Hogwarts )
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2012-01-23 10:44 am

"the circus arrives without warning"

Update on the state of my feels: They are still all for Sherlock.

Had a delightful of weekend of accomplishing nothing, except for cupcakes and a lot of movies. Basically, Emma Stone has an adorable face and is an awesome awkward turtle at all times.

On Sunday, I hung out with [profile] zorabet. We went grocery shopping and then made some delicious cupcakes from scratch. No seriously, look at them. We watched Hounds and the Falls and had a lot of feelings. Then we drowned all those feelings in pancakes, as is the tradition.

I finished The Night Circus and oooh man. That one goes right to the favorites list. :) It was just really atmospheric and ~mysterious. If it existed, I would totally be one of the rêveurs, following it around and visiting every night I could with my red scarf. *__*

Which... speaking of books; I started reading Tune In Tokyo:The Gaijin Diaries today (thank you amazon prime lending library). In the prologue, the author mentions that he realized he was languishing.. which leads to him packing up his life and going to Japan to teach English. I am sitting in the teaching right now and I might be wondering just a little bit what I am doing with my life. I should possibly try and figure that out...

Edit: Oh right! I got my shipping notification for my nerdy nail polish. :D She has been swamped in orders and is currently adding a free bottle of a mysterious limited color called "sorry for the slow" to orders that take more than 5 days to ship. I was hoping I could get it, and I did! Definitely worth waiting a bit extra for my polish. I can't wait to get them. I also kinda want to message her once I get them and suggest that she jump on making a Sherlock-themed set; partially because I want it, but also because it would sell so fast.
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2012-01-20 12:12 am

in a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king.

Have a hit-and-run entry, friends.

I uploaded some new icons over on LJ. Then I agonized over my 15 icon spots on DW.

I am no longer sick, which is exciting! Also work is good, mostly because I didn't have to teach lab this week. I also picked up a new computer for my desk, so by next week I won't have to drag my laptop around anymore.

Most of my week was spent rewatching all of Sherlock with @Manderkat. Let's just say that I still have ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM. I expect to be word-vomiting those at you.. sometime this weekend.

Also, I have decided that The Horror of Our Love is my personal Moriarty theme song. It's fantastically stalker-creepy.

Anyway, yes. I am alive.
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2012-01-08 04:14 pm

Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia

So I realize that this post is going to be irrelevant in like 2 hours, once everyone has seen Hounds, BUT I still have a lot of feelings and I never got to type them out. I have been sick... thinking about things like this is hard!

So, I have seen a LOT of meta about the first Sherlock s2 episode and a lot of things that I totally disagree with.. to the point of wondering if I was watching the same show.

Of Sherlock, his relationships and Irene Adler )
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2011-12-16 02:44 pm


Ahaha today has been a total mess of flailing over various things. Work? What is this work you speak of?

But first, my mini-vacation! I went down to FL for a few days. It was rainy for most of the time (except the day I left, LAME) but it was also nearly 70*, so it was awesome. Warm rain doesn't bother me. :) We got to go to the beach for a bit on Monday afternoon and walk around. Since it was rainy, the waves were awesome. I also collected some cool shells, because I am secretly five years old. And of course, we ended up marathoning the last third of Mentalist s2 and the first few eps of s3. MY FEELINGS ABOUT PATRICK JANE, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM. (No really, so many feelings).

Then I came back on Tuesday and I have been mopey the rest of the week. We had our lab holiday lunch yesterday and my secret gift person got me nail polish in colors I don't actually have, so that is exciting. Now I just have to get through all of next week.

And before the fun rambles, update on my ticket situation! I ended up getting the letter for my 2nd ticket appeal (like 2 days after I got the rejection for the first) and they accepted that one. The silly part being that I had used the exact same wording on both my email forms asking for them to remove the late fee. So I paid that one and send in the appeal hearing request for the other one. So lame. We will see how it goes. :)


- Adam's new single leaked. IT IS FANTASTIC and my poor account makes me look like a crazy person. spoiler alert: i am a crazy person

- Watching people fall in love with Suits is so satisfying for me. Everyone should love that show and I have all the feelings about Harvey Spector because he is awesome and everyone should see it. That is also. (also donna is my spirit animal, but that's a different story)



- And finally, I have a LOT of feelings about Patrick Jane and his life and his team and his family and the fact that he is a small child in disguise. There are so many feelings, in fact, that I will have to put it in a different post. I will however say that I want the de-aged Jane fic where he is suddenly a child and the team has to take care of him... and they realize along the way that exactly nothing changes when he is 5 years old, vs when he is an adult.
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2011-11-30 03:02 pm

i got no problem with saying goodbye

I hate coming back from breaks longer than the weekend. It always takes too long to get back into the work-focus thing and this is the time of year where no one can afford that extra day. Plus, since I teach on Mondays, I had to get myself back to it faster than usual. At least I only have to give the kids their last practical exam this coming Monday and then it will just be the usual pile of grading. Yay...

School-wise, I had a really awesome meeting with my advisor today. My project is coming along nicely and I might have an actual story to tell! So that is super exciting. I even figured out who will likely be on my committee, so I just need to email them and set up a meeting for the beginning of next semester. So really, I just need to get working on writing my thesis proposal. I think technically the department wanted me to have submitted it by the end of this semester, but there was a hold-up with my animal protocol, so I think it will be okay? Whatever, I am making actual progress.

Also, every time something good happens and I get positive feedback, I am reminded of what I was missing in my old lab. My advisor definitely doesn't hover or micro-manage, but he takes the time to sit with me and point out where things are good and where they need to change. Really, sometimes you just need someone to say that you did something right. :D (Of course, as I type this, I am currently waiting for the data collection computer to update and hoping that I didn't fuck up my file transfer. If I did... then I will have lost a couple hours of data and will have to change the setting around, which would not be awesome).

And now for some fun things?
White Collar is coming back in a month and a half. I am so charmed by that whole show and now I have a deadline for catching up! I haven't been watching Misfits, but I didn't like Rudy that much so....? Not sure if I will pick it back up again. Um... Merlin happened, yeah. (grrr). I still don't know why everyone LOVES Once Upon A Time and will stay over here in my corner of "omg I love Grimm even though the main character is kinda boring, but I love everyone else".

Mostly I just need Sherlock to give me something new. I NEED IT.

Also, last night before I went to sleep I re-read XDay and remembered all over again why it wins as my most favorite manga series of forever.

So yes. Hi Livejournal.
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2011-10-12 02:01 pm

i think i'm being haunted by joe jonas

Just a quick update. I have many thinky thoughts to post at some point about school and life and stuff, but right now I am too busy drinking my coffee and waiting for the caffeine to hit.

- I love Spotify because it lets me stream new albums. I also hate Spotify because it does things like tell me that Joe Jonas's album is available for streaming and then I end up listening to it twice and now this one song WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD. I need an intervention. That being said, I didn't hate the album? Sigh.

- I answered everyone who gave me a fandom in this post. Go look at my sad excuses for unpopular opinions? idk idk.

- My advisor is not here today, so I am totally just leaving early because it's going to rain later and I'd like to go to the grocery store and then walk home without hating my life.

- School is good. My research is good. yay.

- Sherlock is airing in the US on PBS starting on May 13th. So... that's good. It means we get it via download before the Avengers movie, which has become my new standard for "omg waiting forever".

- Speaking of the Avengers movie... dhisakl';hlfhklsk;lajkl;jd TONY. STEVE. AVENGERS. OMG LOKI. THOR GIGGLES. WHAT. (i have aaaalllll the feelings)

- Also, everyone should go see 50/50 even though it will totally make you cry.

- This ended up being a longer list than expected. I hope everyone is having a lovely day, you should tell me nice things.
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2011-10-05 11:56 am

two things.

A quote:
We’re all hauntings waiting to happen, Shaun. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll get past wondering when our normal lives will be starting up again

(from Deadline by Mira Grant. I am almost done and I had to stop on that line and contemplate on the bus)

And a rec:
If you read x-men first class fic, you should read this.

The Weight of Water by pprfaith.

It is OT3 movie AU with mind-bonding and love and feelings and Charles using his power in terrifying ways and everyone being broken but fixing it by having each other AND OH MY GOD I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS THAT I JUST GO INCOHERENT WHEN I TRY TO EXPLAIN. JUST READ IT.
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2011-09-14 10:29 am

in which loki is the price of egypt, james is a kitty and tom hardy hugs ALL THE PEOPLE

I am currently sitting in am empty lab. I WAS sitting in the dark, because I am a creature of the night... but the lab supervisor just walked in and turned on alll the lights. Noooooo. We had lab on Monday and half the other sections for my class have not even met yet... so, yeah.


First, if you are a writer, you should totally go JOIN [ profile] ladies_fest. Prompting starts on Saturday. Join so you can write about ladies being awesome!

I have been getting super into the Marvel comics fandom lately (mostly in the form of GIVE ME ALL THE TONY STARK AND STEVE ROGERS IN THE UNIVERSE, INTERNETS), but I enjoyed the Thor movie and Loki is kind-of like the ultimate emo child who should have been hugged more... except also a million times more evil? ANYWAY, I came across this fanvid the other day and not only is it perfect.... but it also means I can't listen to this soundtrack anymore without thinking about Thor and Loki and all their daddy issues.


*cough* Yes. Ok moving on then. I don't know if you noticed, but I really enjoy James McAvoy's face. Like, a lot. There is a meme going around now that consists of photoshopping kitty ears and a tail on pictures of him. (I know. I KNOW!) And he's the truly terrible thing..... it doesn't look wrong because all his photoshoots are SO RIDICULOUS anyway that he might as well already be a cat. (omg James I love your ridiculous face!)

catavoy. it's true. )

IN OTHER NON-CAT-RELATED NEWS, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy premiered in the UK. I am wildly jealous, but also a little glad that it's not here yet because I am still like 150 pages from finishing the book. The cast has soooo many awesome people (BENE! COLIN! TOM!) and the story is really good. This also meant that there were a tonnnnn of awesome premiere pictures. First, Bene has looked AMAZING at all the TTSS promo, props to whoever is dressing him these days. Second, TOM HARDY IS SUPER CUDDLY AND BASED ON THE PREMIERE PICTURES, I AM PRETTY SURE HE JUST WANTS TO HUG ALL THE PEOPLE. ALL OF THEM.

click for some tom hardy snuggles )

And now I will sign off with a picture under the cut that killed me just a little bit last night

yup.. )
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2011-09-12 12:00 pm

mmm... coffee

Teaching starts today. My animal protocol was due in by noon (13 copies to the DLAM office) except I never got the final copy from my advisor. I got in today at 10:30 ready to track him down to go make a zillion copies, but I guess he beat me to it? At least I hope he did, because at this point I can't do shit. So.. since I couldn't do that, I went to the ID card office because I need my access card. After waiting around for a bit, I was told that the person who approves access was in a meeting until 1 and to come back later.

Ahaha. Now I am back in the lab. I don't teach till 2:50, which means I am going to just... be here... for 3 hours. I had gotten some iced coffee to keep me company to the card office, but instead of a small, they accidentally gave me a medium. I have not eaten anything today, so I expect that in about 15 minutes I will be sitting and shaking/twitching at my desk.

While I am sitting here, I will regale you with my story of NYC and Panic!
hey, hey. we are a hurricane )

So... that is probably covered in typos, but oh well.

Ok, now a meme that requires me to do things, because I commented on [ profile] brilligspoons's post.

The first five people to comment on this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

PS - [ profile] ladies_fest
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2011-09-07 10:04 pm

if you like writing and ladies......

.....then this is relevant to your interests!

Join us over at [ profile] ladies_fest, where all the fandom ladies kick ass, take names, and don't let anyone stand in their way!
Prompting starts 17 September 2011!

More banners for pimping available here: CLICK!
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2011-07-05 04:42 am


Seriously, I adore it. Giant love letters to fandom. <3 The last time I fell in love with it, it was over Pendragon/Merlin. This time, Sherlock fandom has given me something equally amazing.

The prompt: Sherlock is a well-known fanartist whose online antics always land him on fandom_wank. John's a beloved BNF fanfiction author. They meet at a convention; geeky love ensues.

What ended up coming out of this was a long fic about fandom, wank, and community. There are actual journals made for all the characters. [ profile] holmeschat is a real thing now. There are twitter accounts, devArt accounts, and a TVTropes page.


Anyway, here are the links to all the parts of the fic on the kinkmeme. Definitely read through all the comments for more fun things. I have plans to go poke through all the associated journals tomorrow.

The Theory of Negative Causality
1a 1b 1c 1d 1e 1f 1g
2a 2b 2bb 2c 2d 2e 2f 2g
3a 3b 3c (there is no 3d) 3e 3f 3g (1) 3g (2) 3h
4a 4b 4c 4d 4e 4f 4g 4h 4i 4j
5a 5b 5c 5d 5e 5f 5g 5h (there is no 5i) 5j
Epilogue a Epilogue b Epilogue a (c) Epilogue d

(I realize that most of the people on my flist who care about this have probably already seen it, but I just have a lot of feelings)
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2011-06-26 03:31 pm

how to not be an adult (aka. the spice must flow)

Yesterday marked the height of me being an absolute failure at life. Let us go over this, shall we?

Friday night I watched Children of Dune (all 4 hours of it). Then I sat and read all the Children of Dune fanfic I could find on the internet (read: there were like 12 links). Then Manda talked me into watching Penelope (James McAvoy you are SUCH A LIFE RUINER). Then I was so wired from watching all the things that I didn't fall asleep until like 6am.

Saturday I:
- woke up at 2:45pm
- rolled onto twitter and within half an hour was starting in on the first Dune mini-series.
- sometime around 8pm I was done with that 6hours of mini-series and I made myself a salad.
- I caps-lock co-wrote some Dune/X-Men crossover crack with Manda.
- I watched Wanted (which was a shit movie, I mean... weaver assassins, really?! At least James was a total badass and Angie is pretty).
- Around 1am, I started a group rewatch of Children of Dune.
- Sometime around 5:30am I was possibly about to start hallucinating.

Then I went to bed. And I woke up today at 1pm to a loud buzzing in my room. I sleep with my door closed. My window is closed. HOW THE FUCK DID A BEE GET INTO MY BEDROOM WHILE I WAS SLEEPING. IT WAS NOT THERE WHEN I WENT TO BED.

At least I think it was a bee. It sounded like a bee and was quite large. I went for the smash into oblivion and then flush down the toilet route before I could get a good look at it.

Today, there is much paranoia.
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2011-06-23 04:14 pm





fiarra: ([h50] kono. skeptical face)
2011-06-07 03:35 am

blink back to let me know


My laptop is a devil machine, but everything is finally back to normal. Almost tossed it out my window today in a fit of pique when it wouldn't recognize my webcam and then wouldn't let me install the program that would recognize my webcam... because it couldn't... find a webcam.
Yes. I know.


Went to a bridal shower this weekend and got a Dunkin Donuts card after I threw my laptop across the table during the purse game. IDEK. Shower games are so silly. We also played a game that consisted of trying to stack a variety of cups into a tall tower. Totally owned that shit. With SCIENCE! Also, there was cake.


I have decided that all the Lady Gaga songs need to be made into First Class fanvids. This came to me in the car on the way back to Boston this morning. Government Hooker is CLEARLY all about Charles and Erik and good and evil AND ALL THE TEARS. Scheiße is Mistique's theme song. AND BAD KIDS IS OBVIOUSLY ABOUT ALL OF THE MUTANTS.



Last of all, I went to Garment District today with my friend. I have never been to dollar a pound. It was amazing. I definitely got this orangey-brown corduroy jacket. I want to sew patches on the elbows and wear it when I teach intro bio. (I am such a LOSER. Why do I have friends?) Then I made her start watching Merlin and she is already TOTALLY IN LOVE.

It has been a good day.