Jan. 23rd, 2012

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Update on the state of my feels: They are still all for Sherlock.

Had a delightful of weekend of accomplishing nothing, except for cupcakes and a lot of movies. Basically, Emma Stone has an adorable face and is an awesome awkward turtle at all times.

On Sunday, I hung out with [profile] zorabet. We went grocery shopping and then made some delicious cupcakes from scratch. No seriously, look at them. We watched Hounds and the Falls and had a lot of feelings. Then we drowned all those feelings in pancakes, as is the tradition.

I finished The Night Circus and oooh man. That one goes right to the favorites list. :) It was just really atmospheric and ~mysterious. If it existed, I would totally be one of the rêveurs, following it around and visiting every night I could with my red scarf. *__*

Which... speaking of books; I started reading Tune In Tokyo:The Gaijin Diaries today (thank you amazon prime lending library). In the prologue, the author mentions that he realized he was languishing.. which leads to him packing up his life and going to Japan to teach English. I am sitting in the teaching right now and I might be wondering just a little bit what I am doing with my life. I should possibly try and figure that out...

Edit: Oh right! I got my shipping notification for my nerdy nail polish. :D She has been swamped in orders and is currently adding a free bottle of a mysterious limited color called "sorry for the slow" to orders that take more than 5 days to ship. I was hoping I could get it, and I did! Definitely worth waiting a bit extra for my polish. I can't wait to get them. I also kinda want to message her once I get them and suggest that she jump on making a Sherlock-themed set; partially because I want it, but also because it would sell so fast.


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