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mmm... coffee

Teaching starts today. My animal protocol was due in by noon (13 copies to the DLAM office) except I never got the final copy from my advisor. I got in today at 10:30 ready to track him down to go make a zillion copies, but I guess he beat me to it? At least I hope he did, because at this point I can't do shit. So.. since I couldn't do that, I went to the ID card office because I need my access card. After waiting around for a bit, I was told that the person who approves access was in a meeting until 1 and to come back later.

Ahaha. Now I am back in the lab. I don't teach till 2:50, which means I am going to just... be here... for 3 hours. I had gotten some iced coffee to keep me company to the card office, but instead of a small, they accidentally gave me a medium. I have not eaten anything today, so I expect that in about 15 minutes I will be sitting and shaking/twitching at my desk.

While I am sitting here, I will regale you with my story of NYC and Panic!

So, after all the craziness of moving, I actually just... left all my shit in the living room and took a bus to NYC on Wednesday (31st) after the lab meeting I had to present at. I was met by @girlphenom (Lina) and we went to get pizza for dinner. (I just need to say that I adore Lina and I don't have enough of her in my life. ever.) The Panic show in central park was on Thursday, so we hung out for a bit and made plans for the next day. Lina was going to go in super early to get first in line with Nikki, but I was just planning on getting in around 11am to hang out in line.

So I get to Port Authority in the morning and gear up to walk a million blocks. See, I haven't been getting paid all summer and I had just mailed in my rent check with first/last, so I basically had about $20 to my name. This meant that I got to walk a million blocks to get to Central Park. *woe* Funny story, as I was walking, I definitely walked right past Ian Crawford and his girlfriend. I did a total double-take and it took me a really long time to decide that it was, in fact, him. Mostly this is just amusing because @prettyprincessk and I think he is adorable and we joke a lot about how we are going to stalk him and how we want to ruffle his hair. So yes.

Anyway, after a lot of walking, I finally get to the venue and there were maybe 30 people in line. At that point, I remembered that most schools had already started, which meant that the teens could not line up. So... I hung out in the shade for a while and listened to some music/read more of my book. At some point, I got in like and waited for [ profile] eloiserummaging and [ profile] jadziadrgnrdr to join me. And then the waiting began. At some point, [ profile] osaraba joined us and it was good times. There was a group near us who ordered a bunch of pizzas and they had half of one left over, so they gave it to us and it was actually really awesome.

OK THE SHOW. So after some terrible crowd control and a lot of me trying not to stomp on some 15 year olds we got in. I started on the right side, probably about 6 people back. Black Cards came on and it was... interesting? I have to confess, I actually didn't have a clear idea of what Pete Wentz actually looked like until the show. :x I do like the style of Black Cards' music though, so it was nice to hear live. Also, Pete totally crowd surfed right over me... so that was pretty cool. ....Actually, I'm not sure what Pete actually DOES in the band, except bounce around and jump on people... and sometimes push some buttons on the laptop. The crowd pushing was pretty intense and I had a bag with me, so.. that was fun. I am definitely not bringing a bag with me to the show in October since I will at least have early entry, which means being in that crowd again.

So yeah, Black Cards happened, I got pushed around, etc etc. The Neon Trees.. happened. Um... yea. I am not really a fan of their music, but they do put on a good show? *shrug*

ANYWAY. By the time Neon Trees was over, I had managed to get myself situation in the second row of people, directly in front of Dallon's mike. :DDD Perfection tbh.

No seriously. I love them so much. And Bden dedicated Always to Spencer and SERENADED HIM and oooh it was just so good. And they were RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME. djsl;fjka;hkdfakkja

*cough* Yeah, that happened. The only thing that sucks a bit about being so close is that you can't dance around. I love dancing around to shows and you can't do that in a crowd packed so tight, but.. it is worth the trade-off.

The show ended on an awesome note, and then Lina and I basically sobbed on each other for a while. (She was front and center) THEN, I finally met [ profile] zeenell who is one of my roommates now. We had mutual friends but had never actually encountered each other in fandom (go figure) so YAY WE FINALLY MET AND IT WAS AWESOME.

The night ended with my traditional post-concert food of THE LARGEST COKE WITH ICE THAT MONEY CAN BUY and we headed home to come down from the show.

Friday, [ profile] jadziadrgnrdr and I went into the city to hang out. We had thought to maybe go see Black Cards at the gay club that night (this didn't end up happening, we were all too tired). We ended up at the movies to see Columbiana. Umm.. Zoe Saldana is really hot jfc. The movie was actually pretty good. Later, I would find out that thi was also possibly a poor life choice. See... later, I would find out that THE ENTIRE AVENGERS CAST WAS FILMING IN CENTRAL PARK THAT AFTERNOON AND I MISSED THE CHANCE TO GO AND SEE IT AND HOW THE FUCK IS THIS MY LIFE. When I found out, I literally stopped in the middle of the streets of NYC and shrieked "FUCK EVERYTHING" to the sky. It scared everyone I was with... and probably several people who I was not with. Also, I almost cried. Basically, I was more upset about it that I ever would have expected.

But then it was okay because we found out that they would be filming in the morning near Grand Central, so Lina and I made plans to go catch some of that before my bus. (My bus that I thought was at 1:15.... but was really at 12:10, more on that later oops). So we got there the next morning and they were cleaning up a crash site set, so we got to walk through that while I silently freaked out on the inside. Then we headed over to the other filming area AND ENDED UP STANDING 20 FT FROM STAN LEE FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES HOLY SHIT. *___* We also saw Joss Whedon in the distance and it was all super exciting. [ profile] x_serenade had joined us for the morning too. So, finally it was time to walk to the bus! We went over to Midtown comics and then I rushed off to the bus.

So I get to the MegaBus stop and there is a bus to Boston there and mostly loaded. I rushed over to be like, aaaah don't leave without me! and the driver looks at my ticket and is like, uh... this is for the 12:10 bus? See, the printer had cut off most of the time and I had assume that the 1 meant that I had a bus at 1:15. Oooops. Fortunately, the 1:10 bus had spaces on it and I even got a whole 2 seats for myself!

Then I went home and there was a lot of unpacking.


So... that is probably covered in typos, but oh well.

Ok, now a meme that requires me to do things, because I commented on [ profile] brilligspoons's post.

The first five people to comment on this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

PS - [ profile] ladies_fest

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Hmmmm. Write me something about Ed Elric as he's traveling through the countries in the West? :D?
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brendon/spencer? :D?

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Fun times :D