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This week has not been a good work-week. I am mostly ok now, although my cough is still lingering with a bit of chest congestion. My body has basically retaliated by making me sleep as much and as late as possible. On Wednesday I literally didn't even open my eyes until noon... which was a problem since I had to teach at 2:50. I ended up eating lunch and driving myself to campus to teach in a sleepy haze. Then on Thursday I woke up at 12:30 and then decided to ignore everything and fell back asleep until 2pm. #lifefailure

Anyway, teaching has been.... good. I am cautiously optimistic, despite having to teach at 8am on Tuesdays. Since this lab is actually meant for bio majors, it means they are more invested in what they are learning. Also, I don't have to feel weird for being excited about lab things. (No really. We extracted strawberry DNA in lab this week and I was just like, OMG YOU GUYS BUT IT IS SO COOL AND AWESOME!!!!!Nsl;jfa')

On the nail polish front (lol, my life), I placed a couple orders today and now I am super impatient and want them NOW! I got Nubar Black Polka Dot because OMG black glitter so cool. Also I don't have any black glitter. I also placed an order with Nerd Lacquer for:
I Think You Call Me...Sexy [x]
Anti-Social Media [x]
Exterminate [x]
Hyperspace Bypass [x]
Event Horizon [x]
Don't Blink [x]

Depending on how this order turns out, I will probably be buying more. There will probably be an un-boxing/swatch post around here after I get it too. Also I want some of the A England Legends collection, but I have decided to wait until I have better swatches. Since it's from the UK and also expensive, I need to choose carefully.

LOL, this is what happens when I check my student accounts and discover that my fellowship went through and I can request the reimbursement for the full amount.


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