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hogwarts houses are srs bsns

I have been super sleepy all day, but then I found a Grimm - Hogwarts AU and I got into an extended conversation with Manda about who belongs in which house. This was ultimately supposed to make me read the cross-over, but just made me feel like everyone else's opinion is wrong. Anyway, just recording our conclusions... for posterity, or something.

Nick - Obviously a Gryffindor. He's all like, protect and help all the people yay! But he has a dash of Hufflepuff too. We decided that pre-ep9 Nick was more Puff, but then he added a layer of aggression to his attempts at protection and just, yeah. That bumped him to the red and gold.

Hank - Hufflepuff. I mean, really now.

Renard - I could personally go many ways with him. The issue is that his motivations thus far have been left unclear. He obviously has a protective streak towards the people under his charge, but there is this whole other Reaper side.. and who knows what that is about? (RENARD I NEED TO KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS I LOVE YOU). I feel like it is often the easy way out to put morally ambiguous characters into Slytherin, but I don't see any of his action thus far actually match the profile. He is definitely calculating, but I think there are undertones of that Gryff need to protect others and not just for his own benefit. Buuut, he's also not a Gryff. Ultimately, we put him in Ravenclaw because he is good at the organization part of his job and I suspect he is good at collecting information. Also he likes plans.

Wu - Our headcanon for Wu is possibly a bit... odd? But he is in Slytherin. In my head, he works directly under Renard as part of the information gathering side of things. Because... Renard would totally have a Slytherin minion. Plus, this way Wu can torment Nick and Hank.

Monroe - Oh puppy. Of course he is in Hufflepuff. He is a brave one. We also decided that he comes from a Slytherin family, but he has broken away from that.

Juliette - She is another Gyffindor. :D But definitely Hermione-like Gryff. Smart, but just as willing to ditch the books to fight for what/who she loves.

So yes, there you go. In my head, Nick is still a Grimm which is why he is friends with Monroe and he has told Juliette about it (since it would be easier for her to accept in a magic-based universe). So she helps him with his creature research and he runs around being stupid with Hank and Monroe. And meanwhile, Renard is like.. quietly gathering information on everyone in the background with Wu.

Hi. Hogwarts is serious, okay.