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happy easter or something.

I've been home since Friday night. It's been alright. A mini preview of the summer I suppose.

Yesterday I went to the Asian Market and bought a crapload of Pocky and Ramune and Pretz to bring for the anime club makeup meeting on the 29th. Ended up being more expensive that expected, but I don't much mind right now. I figure I owe the club something because no matter what people say, I let myself down on my expectations for the year. I hope I'm given the chance to make up for that. So many ideas... so many plans... and none realized.... We'll see how it goes on Thursday.

Last night a bunch of people came over. The Alturas Duo (a musical group) hosts the Simsbury Music Festival every May and they were looking for some monetary donations. So they used our house to host a mini-reception sort of thing and to ask for donations. Lots of chips, cheese, crackers, veggies and pepperoni were consumed by me. That was my dinner so... yeah. Good music though and I guess it was a success. I saw one of the guys writing a $200 check for them. It was cool cuz one of the ladies who came is a fencer. She's been fencing for over 30 years. She lived in france for a year and fenced there. She fenced for Cuba and went to the Nationals and everything. Unfortunately, we were never properly introduced so I didnt catch her name.

This morning I woke up to my sister poking me. See... every year since I can remember we've had an easter egg/basket hunt in my house. We have lots of plastic eggs and my parents fill them with candy and, more recently, quarters and dollar bills. I'd thought that maybe this year it wasnt going to happen. My brother is in Europe right now with the concert jazz band (yea i'm jealous). And my sister is 13. So I'd figured we're kinda old for it. But no... there were 42 eggs and 3 baskets hidden this morning. It was fun though.

I'm kinda curious about my health. My cough hasnt totally gone away yet. It's no where near bad, but there's still enough congestion that sometimes I have to cough and it sounds gross. My mom thinks I've developed an allergy to something. I kinda hope not. Plus my mouth has been really hurting me lately. i thought my new glasses have been making me headachey, but I noticed yesterday that my mouth and teeth felt like they were under pressure... I'm feeling it now too. I'm hoping my wisdom teeth arent coming in. That would really suck.... In the meantime, Motrin is my friend.

And now I have a bunch of work to do before dinner, so I suppose i better get started.

(ps- have added new lj icons. still havent filled all 112 possible spots though)


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