Aug. 3rd, 2009 12:10 am
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THIS WEEKEND WAS EXHAUSTING. Except now I am sad because it is over. So I sit here... drinking some of my delicious Japanese energy drink with the grossest name ever (srsly Japan.. Pocari Sweat?) and replaying the fun in my head. Although I did take depressingly few pictures of cosplay. I don't know if there just wasn't as much epic.. or what. Soo.. quick recap.

Went to bed at like 4:30 because I needed to re-sew the zipper to the top for Chidori... and finish sewing the dress for Yui. Spent a good half hour fighting with the zipper... and a good hour learning pleat. *headdesk* Refer to my twitter for silliness. Woke up at 8:30 and got ready. :D Wigs are hard. Got to the con at like 10:30 and went through reg in like 2 minutes... and realized that I had no idea what to do... or who was even there. Walked around, was sad the dealer's room was not open yet... and then ran into Rayray. AND THEN I FINALLY WENT TO THE PARAPARA PANEL AND IT WAS FUN. (No one EVER wants to go with me ususally). I need to go again next year. Wandered dealer's room, ate food, went to Anime Unscripted, wandered some more. I don't even remember what we did. o_o;; OH! RIGHT! Lolita fashion show. It was um... something. The outfits were nice I suppose, definitely have some comments on how they set things up. Hopefully there is a post somewhere for me to comment on. And I wish it hadn't been a main event honestly. Then we went to go see the Vampires Don't Sparkle panel.. which was basically an hour of angry ranting with audience participation. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we got Wendy's and got lost in East Hartford. xD

Stayed up again sewing trim. Slept at like... 4. Then woke up at SEVEN THIRTY AM. Had to be at work at 8 for a mandatory meeting. Totally wandered in feeling like a zombie and grabbed a glass of OJ and a mug of coffee... and zoned out. Left at 9:30 for the con center whee! Ended up being late to the AMV contest by an hour because I needed to change and put my Yui wig on. The contest was good, I am sad the Kodocha one didn't win anything. Um... then it was dealer's room, food, COSPLAY COURT CASE. Which is run by [livejournal.com profile] tmchiba and was awesome times. I sat right behind "grey shirt guy" and just.. yay. After that, wandered a bit, then found Rayray for the masquerade. It was... ok. Some of the skits were cool.. some were... lame. But the walk-ons were awesome and the hosts were amusing, so I think it all evened out. After that, stood around and people-watched for a bit.. may have scared [livejournal.com profile] tmchiba and 2 more people from anime club with my crazy ranting about ZQ and his awesomeness... mostly because I am aware (and in possession) of a scary number of pictures of him.. and apparently can remember enough details about them to look crazy.

OH TANGENT! They had a three-picture thing in the dealer's room... Capt Kirk, Kirk+Spock, Spock.. all framed in a column... WITH AUTOGRAPHS FROM THE GUYS. $250 that I DO NOT HAVE. *woe* I went and stared at it... a lot. *sigh* And the guy didn't have any smaller pictures with ZQ or Pine's sig. buu...

ACCIDENTALLY SLEPT TILL LIKE ONE. DDDD: I missed all of cosplay chess... which apparently wasn't chess at all this year cuz something fell through. Instead I hit the dealer's room again, almost lost my camera, and then talked some more with friends and watched the con wind down. it was good times.

The Swag
I bought... SO MUCH FREAKING MANGA. I can't help it... it's all discounted and everything. I ought 7 volumes of Dragon Knights. It's out of print now and I only had 1-17+22. So I bought 19-21 and 23-26. I am now only missing volume 18!! woooooo. Also got the last volume of Penguin Revolution and 11 of Hayate the Combat Butler. The only other notable thing I bought was a Gurren Lagann phone charm with the dragon emblem. *pets it* So yea... lots of manga lulz.

Anyway... now I need to think about real life stuff and I am so not happy. *waits for AI concert ticket to arrive in the mail* At least I have one more spastic fan-thing to look forward to.


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