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I am so bored. I should be reading a paper. And instead I am like, *woe* because twitter is down.

So I shall talk about what I have been up to!

From the 10th to the 14th I was in North Carolina for my first conference! To start off, it is a pain in the ass to fly with a freaking poster tube. It's always falling on things and not fitting in overhead compartments and just ugh. I also almost died trying to get the damn thing printed on Tuesday. Staples was an ass to me about getting it done and finally I had to leave it at a 24 hour Kinko's and pick it up at like 6am on Wednesday before my flight south. I also had a minor breakdown Tuesday over what to wear because I had no idea how formal/fancy this was going to be.

I should have known better. It was an ECOLOGY meeting. Half the people there didn't even bother looking different than like... jeans and hoodies. There were definitely some girls dressed up (and looking quite fashionable, which I was jealous of), but the people I was with were all like "omg what is she wearing?!". Sigh.

Anyway, the flight down went without a hitch. We checked into the hotel, went to lunch and then went to register and go to the first social. First of all, omg so many people. I am AWFUL in social situations, I am such a wallflower. So this was like the stuff of nightmares. Luckily I found a few people I knew and talked with them for the night.

Thursday and Friday were the talks and poster sessions. Let's not talk about how many talks I half dozed through..... Thursday was kinda awkward for me, but Friday went much better. I had my poster that night and I definitely got some good ideas from the people who came to talk to me. Now that it's warmer, I have a lot of ideas for what I wanna do to develop this method better. :D

Friday I also went out to dinner with my advisor and a bunch of other people. SUSHI OMG. It also produced my favorite moment of the entire weekend: chatting with my advisor about the giant robot anime franchise in Japan while everyone else at our table just stared at us. I shit you not, it was amazing.

Saturday there were more talks and then there was a banquet on a riverboat. It was so much fun with good food and dancing. Then we went out to this bar where they had a DJ. My advisor was there. Ladies and Gentlemen, I danced like a fool in front of my advisor to Tik Tok. We're talking like.. singing along and miming some of the lyrics and jumping around. How do I live with myself? lmao.

Anyway, Sunday rolled around and it was the TRAVEL DAY FROM HELL. Here's how it went down. There were storms up here in New England. I was due to leave on a noon flight with 2 other people. We all had connections to catch at LaGuardia, mine was at 4, theirs' was at 2. Our plane left NC 1.5 hours late, so they missed their flights. When we got to NY, it was a mess because so many flights were delayed and apparently half the world was trying to get to Boston after missing connections. When we got there, the people in our group who had left on an "11am" flight (it left 2 hours late) were still there on standby lists. We got in at 3:50pm, but my 4pm flight was delayed half an hour. Some of the earlier group got put into my plane and we left at like 5. The 2 people I was with for the first flight were put on a 5pm flight (not mine). We got into the air and it was super windy with turbulence like whoa. Keep in mind that this is a 40 minute flight. We got to Boston and the lights were out on the runway... so we circled in the air, waiting. By not the plane is dead silent because there is so much turbulence and we're just... waiting. And waiting.... There was too much wind to land on the backup runway. After about 40 minutes of circling in the air and tense silence, the pilot says that we are going to PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND. Folks, this is definitely not Boston. WHICH IS WHERE I WANTED TO BE. We landed in RI at 7:30 pm. From there, we waited an hour and a half for a bus that the airline got us... and we drove to Boston. I got home at 11pm. And I wanted to die. Ironically enough, the 2 on that 5pm flight were landed in Hartford, CT. Also, about half the flight did not have their luggage when we landed, so there was a lot of yelling.

I have decided that the world just wants me to visit every airport possible. So far I have Logan, Bradley, LaGuardia, JFK, Providence, Philly, Denver, Houston, LAX, Charlotte, Wilmington. Gotta catch em all!

On other notes. Lady Gaga is coming to Boston on July 1. Tickets go on sale Monday. Decent tix are $185. I promised my sister we could go. Now I am not sure I will be able to swing the cost even for poor seats. I'm really disappointed honestly. I will talk to her this weekend about maybe getting some sub-par seats? :| I'm not asking like front row here or anything. :(

Also, there are hints that a summer tour WILL happen for Adam. So I'm trying to balance that thought with these Gaga tix. Because I will literally sell things I currently own in order to get amazing seats for Adam. And then part of me is like, but what if he opens for Gaga... ARGHHHH This is hard guys. WHAT DO I DO.

And finally, I AM GOING TO SEE STEPHANE SKATE IN THIN ICE AT FOXWOODS ON FRIDAY NIGHT. I am sooooo excited omg you don't even know.

And I will shut up now. This is too long. I will ramble about cosplay and Anime Boston tomorrow.


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