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A couple things happened today to take note of.

I think I have come one step closer in my unintentional quest to be a "regular" at the Nahant Dunkin Donuts. See, there's a group of people who go there every morning and the people working know all their orders and all that. And.. I think I might nearly be one of them. I normally stop on the way to the lab/class and get a coffee+croissant. I was running late this morning so I didn't get a chance to stop. So I went during the lunch break to get some coffee for warmth with my lunch. I ordered my usual medium with milk and sugar... and the guy REACHES FOR THE SHELF AND ASKS "Do you want a croissant too?" I was like, "um.. no thanks". And he was all like *shockgasp* No?! And I walked out thinking, oh god I'm one of those people now.

Also, anyone here a fan of Dispatch? Apparently the guitarist (?) and some other people were here scoping out Nahant for a possible music video. They had a big blue van with bumper stickers all over it. I don't know the group, but some of the people in class were all like, omg i must go talk to them. So yeah, exciting times. I can't judge their enthusiasm. If that ever happened with someone/a band that I am a huge fan of.... I would probably just pass out. or maybe cry.

It's Veteran's Day tomorrow. Guess who gets to go to the lab and clear out all the empty boxes and packing peanuts and basically clean the place?! Yea... *sigh*


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