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My nose is very itchy.. I was sent to start going through all the boxes of old papers/school things/etc in the basement so we can actually put the things I need to keep in plastic storage boxes. I had to stop after like an hour and half though because the dust was unbearable. Although I did find the $45 refund that UNC gave me when I thought I was going to reapply for the Spring. I.. think I'm on the edge of the limit for when you can deposit a check? It's worth a shot I suppose. =X

I have all this shit down there.. but I hate going through it because of the memories. Not that all memories are bad.. just that it's easier to remember the negative connotations. I threw away large chunks of things I know I don't want to keep... but I don't look forward going through all the folders of stuff I am less sure about.

It was a nice weekend all things told though. Went out to dinner last night with Susana, Lena and Lena's boyfriend (they are so cute together.. it kills me) to Chili's in Manchester. I tried some mini buffalo chicken sandwich things are they were yummmm. Then we all headed over to UCONN to see those 2 guys from Who's Line is it Anyway? perform. We were a little late (stupid Chili's...) but it was hilarious. I'm glad I ended up going. :)

Today the Sunday comics were all squished so they could run a full-page ad on the last page of the insert. The ad was for amazing Amish fireplaces. All you have to do to is plug them in! -_-;; I'm sure the Amish make grand use of these ELECTRIC fireplaces all winter. Oh newspaper...


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