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So here's the deal. The parking office rejected my appeal to remove *only the late fee* on two $100 parking tickets (which would total $66 less dollars I have to pay). I am more than willing to pay the base ticket, but I don't think I should have to pay the late fee.

My reasoning:
I got a series of tickets in early October (my fault, I had parked my car in a spot I don't walk by and since I don't move my car during the week, I didn't catch them). That week, it rained several times so I had some tickets, but for all I knew, there was 1 missing or something. On the 26th, I logged into the online system and paid everything listed under my license plate number. Later that night, I logged in again to make sure everything was cleared and it looked like I was fine. Several weeks later, a letter shows up at my parents' house charging me late fees on tickets given the 7th and 8th of October.

I logged into the system again and discovered that these two tickets were indeed under my plate number, but they had not been before. I called the parking office to see what was up (and to ask to get rid of the late fee) and was told that they could see my payment on the 26th, but that the other two were added on the 28th. I should note that you have 21 days to pay a ticket; the 28th is 21 days after the 7th.

The lady over the phone told me to fill out an appeal online. I did. I got a letter today saying that it was rejected.

Is it worth it for me to set up a hearing? I legit will hand someone $200 cash to pay the full ticket, but I don't think the late fee is fair. What does a hearing even entail?

Halp? :|


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