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Jul. 8th, 2009 11:25 pm
fiarra: ([gurren lagann] boota. sleepy)
Twice in the past 2 days I have been suckered into "short walks".

Yesterday my mom was going for a short walk down the shore. Hot pavement and 2 hours later.. we wandered back to where my sister and cousin were sitting on the beach. Then today in the morning, my parents were like, oh let's take a short walk. Three hours later... *ded* I got a lot of fun pictures today. Including nice shots of all of us climbing on old cannons in an "under video surveillance" area. Later we saw the signs asking people to not climb the exhibits. Oops..

Work on heroes_bigboom is stalled until I can do proper research. BAH. And I think I've planned out reel_merlin the most I can on paper. Contemplating free-writing something... but then I think about how I'll have to type it out later... plus worrying about prying eyes. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are going to the outlets. Which means spending money for pretty things that I don't really need. It'll be an adventure. Or something.

I dunno. Drama continues ever onward with brother and his girlfriend. I don't even know half the time. I just know that I keep getting pulled into the middle of things. Oy.

Anyway, bedtime. At the very least, there was a delicious Chris Pine walking post on ontd_startrek tonight. It can only mean good dreams tonight. :D

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