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Let's talk about my ongoing war with every single electronic I own! YAY!

Basically, Session Manager on Firefox decided to stop actually saving my sessions. Also, every time I closed the program, it was registering as a crash, thus forcing me to use Session Manager... do we see where this is going? It's been a few days now and I'm hoping that I fixed it now. My FF needed to be updated anyway, so I saved all my tabs (...all 239 of them) into a bookmark folder, updated FF, removed and re-installed Session Manager. Except then I opened all those links in tabs again and AO3 had decided to log me out, so now I am sitting here going tab by tab and hitting refresh to get past the "this is adult content, would you like to keep going?" It's making me hate the world. Also, I am going to force-crash FF once I am doing refreshing ALL MY TABS and if SM is still not working properly I might have to hit something.

In other news, I brought my 2TB external to work to format it on my work Mac... since, apparently when i started using it, I accidentally made it read-only for Macs. I am mostly hoping that this computer has enough space to back up everything on here. I have my full laptop backup as well as some tv show things that I don't want to lose. #no1curr.

At some point, my plan is to stop bringing my laptop to the lab entirely and just have my external for transporting work. We will see how that goes, I am super attached to my laptop and I might not be able to actually do it. :x

This has been a post.


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