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Sep. 10th, 2005 09:53 pm
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Yes.. I'm home and leeching wireless yet again. I've discovered that I definitely make a connection when I am sitting at my kitchen table. Unfortunately this means I can't just be online for the heck of it. And I like being in my room, but now I cant be. Perhaps I will go get my work and do it here till my parents get back and then pretend I just work better out here. Which is probably true anyway since I have no anime on the actual comp to tempt me into not doing anything. Usually the home routine consists of me watching anime till 2am in my room.

It's quite odd though. Everytime I go home, no matter how much sleep I've gotten, I'm always exhausted and take a nap. Granted, last night I went to bed at 4am and *didn't* get enough sleep, but we're gonna ignore that part. I really wanted to go sit outside on one of the benches in the quad and draw. Or go for a walk. But I didn't. Oh well. Next week perhaps.

I think I like being home. It's been a really long time what with the being in Cape Cod all summer and then leaving 2 days later for school. It's nice... Yeah.

I hope I can get to the Asian store tomorrow morning. I want to go stock up on Japanese snack food... Like those tiny jello cup things.. and Pocky... and Ramune.... and Pocky.... and gummies.... and.. well you get the point.

And now to make fun little planty notecards for plant bio....


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