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Well, I'm back from vacation and in typical fashion... I don't even get to recover from that before the world throws something at me. (uh, warning for some whining/etc ahead?)

First, I just checked my school email and apparently something this week someone broke into the lab (by smashing the glass on one of the doors) and stole 2 computers, the trash can and a cart (probably to take the computers). One of the computers was the one that I use at my desk. So now I'm like, fuck I had that set to keep me logged in on EVERYTHING because it was my personal comp and I had a password set to log into the system. Now I am thinking I need to change my password for EVERYTHING, just in case attempts are made to log into it. Also, I had a folder with my laptop backup on there and I suspect it at least contains some files that had my social security number on them. So.. that's awesome.

Also I am super emo about New Year's Eve because I decided to stay here to spend it with my family, but both my siblings are going out that night and my parents got invited to a thing at someone's house (this someone being the parents of one of my brother's friends, who I don't know). I can't decide if it will suck more to stay home alone and ring in the new year while sitting with twitter open or not. At least if I'm home alone, I can be online. If I go to this party, I will get to sit and talk to people I don't know and feel super lame because I basically don't have any friends in town anymore.

Also, as I was dealing with the computer thing, my mom came in my room to tell me I should go to the party because I am an adult so I should be able to go talk to people I don't know. And it sounds like the most painful, awkward and terrible thing to do with myself to end 2011. *sigh*


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