Jun. 1st, 2005 10:15 am
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Well.... sitting in the Windsor Public Lib now. *sweatdrop* Had to drive here to pick up a neighbor's daughter from Loomis, got here, was told by her that she wanted me to come back at 10:30. *sigh* So now I'm just sititn' here, bored.

Cape Cod with my parents and sister was fun but tiring. Saturday we went to find the house I will be staying in for 2.5 months. It's a small cozy looking place. Kinda in the middle of no-where though so I wont be able to walk into the town if I feel like it unless I wanna walk 4+ miles. The other house is in the center of town. Boo.. Why couldn't I be there? Anyway, it's really pretty up there and so calm. And the area around the Institute is amazing too. Just water everywhere. =) Then Sunday I walked like 7 miles!! My dad was looking for things to do and her found the hiking trails guide. And the one at Great Island is 7 miles total. We walked out 4 miles to the tip which was amazing. Again, water everywhere. The 3 miles on soft sand back. *sweatdrop* I was damn sore, but it's been so long since I walked any with my family that it was fun.

Went to the Memorial Day Parade in town, didn't run into *any* of my friends there. Usually I do. *shakes fist* Damn you all!! =P But it was fun.

Bleh. I have to pack this week for leaving. I'm kinda nervous about going though... I'm leaving without a safety net at this point because unlike school, I'm 3 hours away so no one can come pick me up.... *hides* Scary...

Ehhhh.... time to go fetch the kid. And away I go!


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