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2010-06-13 12:38 am

aaaahhhhhh *clings to the internets*

Tomorrow I drive off into the wilds of Maine. I am less than excited about it right now. And by wilds of Maine, I mean..... almost-Canada Maine. Like... 6 hours alone in my car full of field gear Maine. fmlllll.

Not to mention that the low tide here is at 6:30am, and I need to hit it to finish up some stuff. PLUS I need to make like half my new dispensers, including another trip to the bunker.... alone... on the weekend. *shiver* And oh yeah, after all that... THEN I get to drive to Maine. And I can feel the impending breakdown already. I'm still sore from last week's field work and I almost cried like three times in the 2.5 hours it took me to get from West Hartford to my apartment tonight.

And to top it all off... NO INTERNET UNTIL WEDNESDAY NIGHT. D: D: D: omg. Since I don't know if there is internet at the Darling Center cabins, I am not bringing my laptop. I think I'm already starting to feel the withdrawl. I have a car charger for my phone... so when we're back in service range I can at least check twitter on my phone. (haha I sound totally crazy) I'm also bringing like 4 books for the 3 days I'll be gone so I will be kept at the maximum level of distraction. :|

10 more days till Adam.... 10 more days till Adam... *sob*
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2010-01-06 02:57 pm
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I'll make a real update.. someday.

But right now, this is cracking my shit up:

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2009-08-11 02:45 pm



There may have to be f-locked freaking out later, assuming I don't get lazy. Just... life.

I haven't updated in ages and I've been barely keeping up with my f-list. :( It makes me sad. Last week after my apartment hunting, I was having serious issues with technology. And it just made my days SUCK. As I said over on Mene, "not even Kris Allen singing about prostitutes is making me feel better". I have switched to Chrome for my browser since then because I realized that it's just Firefox taking up too many resources. I can actually watch YouTube videos now without feeling like the world is stuttering. And I can see multiple gifs! The one thing I hate most about it though... is the lack of a twitter plug-in. I didn't realize how much I pay attention to Twitter until I didn't have that little pop-up box in the corner!

I don't have to live in a box. :D I just need to sign the lease and get roommate's half of the deposit money. This place... has the most AMAZING kitchen. AMAZINGGGG. All new appliances. Huge! SHINY! I am so excited. Although I will have to get used to the gas stove. Oh god now I need to plan moving though. D:

Otherwise, nothing of note has happened. Mene is consuming my time lately since we've picked up the advertising so there is a tonn more activity. Plus the event is happening. I just let the music loop and let myself stay in the happy place. :D

My sister's bday was Saturday. It was a huge clusterfuck of a night and I feel so awful for her. I'm not even gonna bother trying to explain.

In other news. Adam Lambert is still amazing and I might pass out from sheer joy at the concert on Sunday. ZQ needs to walk more.. or do more photoshoots or something.. Um. Yea. Hi.
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2009-07-13 12:21 am

a dream among the sharks

Well... settled in back at home. Whatever that means since I don't have my own bed still, just the sofa bed. Nonetheless, everything is unpacked and it's back to work on Tuesday.

The most annoying thing about being gone for a week is that I have firefox set to save links in the address bar for 6 days. Normally I start typing in "community" and it'll pop up with all the lj comms I visit the most. And now I have re-build. And OF COURSE this would be what I am all "rawr!" about. xD

Went to the mall today. Looking for a cell phone for my cousin (which didn't work out btw). i think I am burnt out on shopping after our outlet day though. I got so much stuff. Including this awesome pair of converse with ladybugs and polka dots! And some cute tshirts.

I did go to the craft store though. The cosplay prep begins yet again. Gonna be awesome!

I have vacation pictures, but they need to be on my laptop first. Then I can spam them at you all.

last random note. Have been re-reading the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. Had forgotten how much I love them. There was also been 3 new books since I last read book 5... so I have to catch up! Totally one of the first instances of me shipping anyone. Before I knew fandom existed. Fun stuff.

OMG HARRY POTTER ON TUESDAY. Totally already have my tickets. :3
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2009-07-11 12:32 am

vacation almost over boo

*points to title* Leaving tomorrow. Have to be out of the house by 10. Getting on ferry at 4. Spending some time doing.. something between then. Woo. My arms are all itchy I'm pretty sure I managed to get some poison ivy on myself or something, it itches. Also I managed to get sunburned on the last beach day. Go figure.

I can't wait to be on my own laptop again. Imageshack got haxored by some anti-sec movement and a bunch of the images in my random-sig for Mene were affected. So now I need to re-upload everything elsewhere. *shakes fist*

There was a ZQ walking post today. There is a new hat. Yes, this is noteworthy news. Don't question it.

OMG. So I was walking on the beach today and I had a though. Tengen Toppa Gurren.. Merlin? I was definitely walking along thinking about who would be which character. I got Arthur = Simon. Merlin = Nia... but then I got stuck. Crack.. it's all crack. idk.


writing reminders for me, feel free to ignore )
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2009-06-17 03:15 am


Dear world, Why am I still awake? Oh yeah, because I had that coffee when I left work at 11pm tonight and it's had me bouncing in place for the past few hours. I think I can feel the crash coming soon though... so that is good.

Work was.. work. xD I am getting better at managing things on my own. Including talking to the bussers, assigning tables and greeting people ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Sometimes it gets to the point where I am like *flail!*. But not so badly that I am breaking down. :D

I have been on a really big Disney/animated movie music kick again. Happens every so often. Also Journey... won't freaking leave my head. Late tonight I was humming it to myself at the front desk while I ate my hidden goldfish (which didn't really help my hunger any).

I spent part of tonight watching the Star Trek audiobook (as read by ZQ) downloading on my computer. I have heard good things and the little pieces I've already heard are.. golden. I am excited even though I totally will not be able to listen to it tonight.

Speaking of ZQ. Quite a few photo outtakes have been posted lately. As well as more walking pics. xD Ones that don't include sinfully ugly hats!

this is what happens when my life is boring, i post images )
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2009-06-03 09:11 pm
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meme break?

Went to see Star Trek for the third time this afternoon. It was totally worth it even though I sat there by myself and felt a little pathetic. At least until I got into the theatre and there were at least 2 other people there alone. *happy sigh* And it was $6.50 because it's that theatre in Simsbury that no one ever goes to so they have cheap tickets. Woohoo.

Taking a break this entry to finish this backlog of memes I keep meaning to do. Since after that I have to upload another handful of images to my photobucket and then post them here.

First: this video made me laugh today. There are movie spoilers though.. so caution with that.

"I've got my Vulcan army of five right here Mr. Kirk" *rofl*

Grabbed from [ profile] issahime.
Post your top 10 fave Disney movie songs.

youtube videos under here )
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2009-06-02 01:39 am


Today is Zachary Quinto's birthday. I think I have doubled my folder of images as a result.

Oh yes. Folders. I HAVE SO MANY IMAGES I HAD TO SEPARATE THEM BY PERSON. WTF SELF. Let's take a tour of my current image saving setup. So you can see what I'm up against for this picspam business.

First you go to "My Pictures" and click over to the "stuff" folder. This contains my Merlin folder, my cosplay folder and my 4chan folder. Among other things of importance. There... you open up the "Star Trek Reboot" folder.

Now we continue with the following format:
FOLDER NAME - # files - folder size
bonesss - 13 files - 704kb
Capt Fine - 72 files - 14.3mb
concept art - 12 files - 3.74mb (omg pretty space scenes!)
gifs and lulz - 36 files - 41.8mb
misc - 10 files - 1.07mb (other cast members.. mostly Anton)
mtv movie awards - 25 files - 9.92mb (this def needed a new folder)
ZQ - 93 files (LOL WTF) - 19.4mb
Then I have 27 cast/multiple people pictures saved in the main folder

That.. is nearly 300 files. When I started this evening I had... 140 files in here.

ALSO I AM BLAMING ROBIN FOR PART OF THIS. He was all "You need more Urban in this" and I went "...OMG YOU ARE RIGHT". So then Bones got his own folder and I spent a really long time looking for images of him. And this picspam totally needs to be in multiple parts. Because my laptop might explode if I try to load all that at once. Especially the gifs as it seems incapable of loading more than like 3 gifs in a row without freezing firefox.

I feel like there was something else I was going to be writing about tonight before I got all distracted. Hmm... maybe I'll remember tomorrow.


EDIT: I know part of what I forgot. I was going to post one of the pictures I snagged tonight of ZQ as it IS his birthday.
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Just... the stare.... I... no words.
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2009-05-15 06:09 pm
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jesus christ it's a lion, GET IN THE CAR

Hahahaha... I was totally going to make a real post last night, but then I spent an hour uploading pictures to photobucket and making a caps-filled picspam. ilu fandom, really. <3 You make my life so much more entertaining.

Ah where do I even start, this is going to turn into a mushed up topic post I think.


Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:
Awesome-ly terrifying prose! Two pages of metaphorical character description that is supposed to be appealling but really just.. missed the mark. If you scroll into the comments, there are links to actual attempts at physical depiction and the results are terrifying. It basically made me lol for a good 10 minutes when I got the link.

So... what have I been up to?

Last night Phil was like, let's hang out. So Susana, him and I all went for pizza followed by STAR TREK. I'd been waiting till I could go with my dad since he's a closet fan (he totally gets the DVDs and then watches them alone at night in the basement). But with work he was like, I dunno when we can go. Ahh it was good! I mean, I only have a marginal sense of the fandom and the main characters... but even with just that I was proud that I recognized the major players. Plus y'know.. space is pretty. So now I need to make sure I still take my dad because I think he will really enjoy it.

Today was just work.. and OH BOY. Apparently we have a new system for the front desk and it makes... zero sense. Instead of having someone to greet and take names, we are supposed to stand *in front* of the desk and just ~know~ where the available tables are. Naturally this is only when we are not on a wait.. but it is just so disorganized. And I feel bad cuz we can't balance the tables out for the servers if we don't have access to the computer screen. I'm pretty sure we're all hoping that if it ends up failing a lot, then they will say that we should go back to the other way. Silly work always having to try and change things.

I would say more, but my stomach just went "Hi there crazy person who hasn't eaten anything all day. FEED ME". I should ptobably listen to it.
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2009-05-08 05:36 pm
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like a boss

I feel decidedly "off" today. Like.. this morning was all sorts of annoying and then at work I just felt weak and dehydrated. And it's my mom's day-off today so I haven't been able to get anything done because I keep getting called away to vacuum random parts of the house, or carry things around. And now it's nearly 6 so I've given up on y'know.. stuff.

I was reading the newspaper today. They were doing a report on the girl who was shot yesterday at Wesleyan (=\ may she rest in peace). I was.. very disturbed by it though. They had one article about.. y'know.. the situation.. and then a whole article talking about her and the CONTENTS OF HER LIVEJOURNAL. Complete with a picture of it, talking about the things she complained about it.. and excerpts. And I was floored because.. well.. if anything were to happen to me, the last thing I would want is to have the contents of my journal published in the local paper. They didn't give her username, but with the images and quotes.. it would be easy enough to find.

So... not entirely sure what to think about it really. I mean, yes if it is posted outside of a f-lock, it is free for all of the internets to access. But it seems little wrong to use that stuff to report on later. Like.. what point is there to publish comments on how she was upset she got a B in one of her classes one semester?

Anyway... I have to go.. vaccum the stairs or something. -_-;;
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2009-05-05 01:53 am
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the internet is really really great...

..for porn

And now for tonight's edition of "I found it on the internets!"

Exhibit 1:
First I laughed. Then I was confused. Then I spent 10 minutes clicking "older entries".
Once again proving that you can find pretty much anything if you look hard enough.
(link credit to qichisan @ LJ via GaiaOnline)

Exhibit 2:
The person who posted it was busy raging about how stupid people are. I was too busy laughing at the entire situation. Sometimes people can be stupid in ways that aren't destructive or horrifying... and in those cases, laughter is the only answer!

Exhibit 3:
Google trends are fascinating and I would love to know what causes them.

I am feeling a bit frazzled, likely due to it being 2am now.

Thanks to Robin I now have the new Lacuna Coil CD. I have never been a HUGE fan of theirs in the past. Saw them live at Ozzfest when System and Disturbed were there. I'm not sure why they never clicked as I adore Nightwish, but I suspect it had something to do with their instrumentals more than anything. However the album is quite excellent! Especially "Wide Awake". I love it when I find good music!
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2009-05-01 03:15 am
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timing of the internets

[ profile] kick_flaw just posted a big ol' list of Merlin recs.

And I just got my Dreamwidth invite code in my inbox.

SO NOW I WILL SIT HERE AND HEADDESK BECAUSE IT IS 3AM AND I REALLY NEED TO GO TO BED. And not y'know... read fic for another few hours and then play with a new journal.


Look for DW details tomorrow I suppose. Need to decide if I wanna grab fiarra as my username or stick with starsparkle333. (or just plain - starsparkle) Gah!
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2009-04-13 12:56 am

i wanna be the very best


Made me lol so hard. And it's likely that anyone on my flist who clicks on that will understand it. Just.. the facial expressions... ah god.

Anyway. Apparently my last entry ended on a creepy note? Clearly the result of "it's 1am let's talk about emotional, angst-filled fic that is also very well written to the point where I was feeling with the characters, therefore making it both painful to go along with as well as amazing because of the awesome writing". And clearly the only way to re-explain myself is to wait until 1am after a long day and start writing. >.>;; Let it not be said that I make awesome plans ever. Point being... rambling about fic was not meant to be creepy. I don't revel in inflicting pain on myself. End of story.

side note: Dear Mom, being interrupted to be sent on a mad (and ultimately futile) quest for sunscreen that I remember owning but not where I left it is not cool at 1am.

Work continues to be good.
Cosplay reference picture hunting is a pain in the ass. *sigh*

Also an important note that I will ramble about tomorrow once I've read up on the issue.

AMAZONFAIL. Google it. Search it on Twitter. Go to meta_writer on LJ. Amazon has messed up pretty bad this time around. I'm keen to see how they end up dealing with this. Expect more coherent post on the subject tomorrow.
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2009-04-08 05:12 pm
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uh... huh...

Live action Full Metal Panic... Zac Efron? I am so confused.
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2009-04-02 05:43 pm
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Oh my Christ I am so hungry. I was at work (which I was almost late for) and I felt like I was going to pass out from lack of sugar. I had to snag a server to get me some soda before I just passed out behind the desk. I slept like shit last night. Dozed off, woke up 45 min later and could not get to sleep for a solid HOUR. That's just not cool. *sigh* And then it was oil change time and they took forever. Hopefully dinner is soon.

So I've been hearing about Dreamwidth lately and I am intrigued. It has cross-posting functionality with LJ so I am definitely interested in getting on board with that. Just need an invite code.... *pokes around*
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2009-04-02 12:57 am
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*pulls out every good luck charm ever*

Before I start freaking out. I was browsing Cristina's blog and got curious and clicked on a link off to the side. I was greeted by the following blog entry: How totally awesome does that sound? Especially that lemonade. I am seriously considering this idea because I love fresh lemonade, especially when it starts getting warm out. That link went right to my bookmarks for futher exploration. So Cristina.. I know you're out there somewhere reading this: Your blog does awesome things.


I got an email

From a faculty member at Northeastern. Apparently I am back on being heavily considered for a position in a lab. I am going up there again on Monday (pending confirmation from him) to talk to him specifically.. and his lab. And omg I have so much reading to do on the subject. I felt sooo lame at recruitment weekend because I was just kinda awed by the calibur of the people I was with. Feeling inferior made me act quieter than normal and I'm hoping that I've already met a lot of these people.. that it'll be a lot easier for me to actually.. y'know.. say lots of intelligent things and seem worth it. because damnit I know I'm worth it, I just need someone to see it already! Ahhh I'm so nervous this is awful.

Plus after that weekend I kinda really convinced myself that I want to go there and it would basically put me in a such a happy place to have that happen.

BUT OMG TRYING NOT TO GET MY HOPES UP. I don't want this to be UNC all over again.. *mutters*

I am babbling.

Work tomorrow after having 2 days off. How sad. Hopefully it will be not-busy and I can go home early.

I was going to type something else here.. possibly fandom-related.. but now I can't remember. So.. back to your regularly scheduled programming?
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2009-03-30 11:01 pm
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"enjoy your meal" .. "you too"

I love it when I tell people to enjoy their meal after showing them to their table.. and they say "you too". There's this expression of "wtf I'm an idiot" that briefly graces the face of the other person when they realize what has just happened. Ah good times.

I was totally going to catch up on House tonight.. or watch that ep of Robin Hood and make my reaction post. And then after dinner my mom wanted me to dye her hair.. and she wanted it done soon.. so I didn't start anything. Except then half an hour later she finally called me to go get it done. And then it was nearly 10 and I was trying to finish up my modding on Menewsha instead. And now it is 11 and I don't know what I want to do. *fails*

In other news:
*eyeroll* Wonderful.

I need tea.. and a pile of cookies.

I don't know what it is but I want more of it.
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2009-03-30 01:10 am
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Yay internets!

Got lost on youtube for a while. Started with bollywood dance... moved on to Riverdance clips (*dies* I wanna learnnn).. then started listening to various versions of Flight of the Bumblebee.

Um.. yea. :o

New life goals: Learn how to Irish step dance. Practice enough to be able to play that on my clarinet.

...I should go to bed. Before I move on to the Disney clips. lulz.
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2009-03-23 12:51 am
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First off:

I gave in. =X

Currently everything from just above the knees and down is a line of pain. It's ok when I'm sitting, but the second I try to walk anywhere it feels like my knees are just going to give out. The past three nights of work have not been kind to me. So glad I'm not working Mon/Tues. And lots of lunch shifts this coming week so it'll be easier.

Had a very awkward moment at work on Saturday. A couple comes in... I walk with them to their table.

Her: You look familiar did you go to UCONN?
Me: Yup! I graduated in '07. When did you graduate?
Her: '08. No wonder I thought I recognized you.
Me: *affirmative noise* Here is your table!
Her: Wait, did you know Jacob?
Me: ..Marcek?
Her: Yea.
Me: ...I dated him for a year... That's so funny that you know him!! *big cheesy smile* Enjoy your meal.

lol I have no idea who she is as I did not recognize her at all. *sigh* Life.

Also Janet came in today!! Whee. T_T Sorry I didn't say hi right off, I was like 90% sure it was you, but then I was all quiet instead. *lame* I really liked your shoes btw. xDD

Still having sleep issues. Last night I was exhausted... stayed up reading a bit till I felt like I was going to pass out. And then it still took me nearly an hour to sleep! And then even when I did, I woke up several times before passing out for good sometime around dawn. =| Not cool.
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2008-12-10 10:41 pm
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My internet is acting like crap tonight for no reason that I can identify. It's very frustrating...

My wrist, which was starting to heal up and not hurt, appears to have reverted back to ouch-mode.. except this time more. So now I'm back to being super careful with my actions so as not to aggravate it. Back to straining my left wrist I guess!! Yay!

Apparently they are making an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. It is being directed by M. Night Shamalamadingdong and they are trying to get Jesse McCartney to play Zuko. Amused? Why yes.. yes I am. Maybe someday I will actually watch the show since every seems to eager to fall all over themselves to say how awesome it is.

(Apparently my internets hate me so much that I can't even bring up my playlist on project playlist. No music for me I guess.)

I am suddenly reminded that I need to test my sewing machine.. but it's too late for that now. I will do so on Friday for sure though. :) Once I know it works, I can be a total dork and finally make that Edward Elric inspired coat I've had fabric lying around for years.

Buu I wanna watch more Gurren Lagann.. but episode 15 on the DVD Robin burned me was all skippy and sad. Also, the BSS fansub group makes some.. not so good subs and I need to replace 14 and 15 before we show them at club.

Yea.. back to applications.

edit: Both this and my last entry have resulted in getting a Coho-bot IM. I am disappointed that whoever has been on the other side hasn't tried to start a conversation.