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see exhibit A:

lol I have no idea either, but it made me laugh.

Anyway, my darling LJ. I have been remiss in my updating duties. I swear it won't happen again. Our love cannot be sustained on funny youtube videos alone. *lone tear* I think I haven't made a REAL post in like a month.

So what exactly have I been up to? Well.. I was finishing this train-wreck of a semester! After Thanksgiving, it's like I was determined to crash and burn in the most spectacular fashion. I procrastinated... I didn't pay attention to deadlines... We're talking like, subconsciously trying to sabotage myself. Which as a result made me hate myself a little because I just felt like a failure all the time AND ISN'T THAT JUST THE BEST THING EVER. Regardless, I managed to turn in papers on time and show up to class. As it stands, I got an A in Molecular Ecology and a B+ in Experimental Design. I am annoyed about the B+, but can only blame myself. That's what happens when you turn in a rough draft of a manuscript (which is worth like 15% of your grade BTW) where the discussion section contains no citations... because I wrote it at like 6am, was probably hallucinating.. and didn't feel like looking for more papers. (omg wtf is wrong with me)

So yes.... self-sabotage. fml. And of course my ADVISOR was the one grading that section.. so he read it.. and omg the look on his face when he handed it back to me. D: In conclusion: I am a fail grad student who needs to get her shit together.

On the happy grad school front, I got a pilot experiment set up! I got 12 nutrient dispensers set out on the shore. Sadly, it looks like the method is not working right now. So we're going to re-do it when I get back in January (omg it's going to be so cold and miserable) and in the meantime, I am preparing to present some of this method at the Benthics meeting in... I wanna say April. Ironically, this meeting is going to be held at UNC Wilmington.. y'know.. the school that treated me like shit when I was applying. I hope I see the lady I interviewed with, because it will be satisfying.

Otherwise, I am going back to CT today. It will be good to be home. If the amount of sleep I've been getting lately is any indication (I've been sleeping too much), I suspect I am fighting off something and I hope that being home and not having to worry about making my own food and such will help it go away. Of course I am ignoring the fact that I need to go Christmas shopping something fierce. Also I need to shop around for New Year's... BECAUSE WTF AM I GOING TO WEAR OMGG WHYYYYYY.

SO yes, New Year's Eve in LA. It's a long story and I think I won't tell it because you are all going to judge me. The point is that I now need something fabulous to wear and... I dunno. I am bringing so many shoes back to CT with me because I don't know which ones I will need. I bought a really cute black party dress last week because my advisor and his wife were hosting a cocktail party at their house on Friday, so I may go with that. But then I need to accessorize it somehow.. possibly with something a bit more punk? idk, I want it to look fierce. (lol can I even pull off fierce? idk) I suspect that I will be playing quite a lot of dress-up in the next week, potentially with lots of posting pics to the internet and going, HALP ME BE FASHIONABLE.

To that end, I think I will take a trip to Plato's closet tomorrow and see if there is anything cheap. Otherwise, I want to get a pair of silver heels for my new dress (it has a silver accent on it). I'm thinking close-toed.. or maybe with a peep-toe, but definitely not sandals. ...ok so maybe I just want silver heels, but that is totally not the point.

On the fandom front, I apparently missed a Merlin friending meme and it makes me sad because I fell out of touch with the fandom. I was looking forward to season 2 and then AI fandom came along and I'm still not free. *woe* I solemnly swear to catch up on the season over break.

Um.. I'm buying a new laptop. I had been thinking this one Toshiba model... except that it didn't have an CD drive... and it wasn't a netbook so that is totally messed up. I'm eying a couple other Toshiba models.. or maybe a Dell. I'd looked at Sony, but there's nothing there that really jumps out at me. And I'm not sure about HP right now. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear it. I want to order before Christmas so I have a few days to play before I come back to MA. (Also it might be nice to bring it with me to LA.)


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