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Well, today I finally got started on my project. (about time...) But it wasn't without its issues.

I got into the lab at 10am sharp fully expecting to see people there. No such luck. No one had arrived. I shrugged it off at first because I figured I could follow the protocol alright. Then I actually bothered to look at the protocol. Ehehe... There were a bunch of inconsistencies with it and what I had been told. But no one was there to ask. Not panicking yet.. I emailed Jenn with my questions. By now it's 10:30. So I decide to go up to the animal storage room and got my oysters so I can bleed them while I wait. Turns out.. the elevator key isn't working. It hadnt been for a while. This is where I panic because I dont have a keycard for the door itself. So I call Mark. Turns out the key has been broken for a while (thanks for telling me... *twitch*) and he won't be there for another 45 minutes. So I had to go ask the lady at the front desk who had to call someone up from OARS to let me up there. Turns out, we're not even supposed to use the elevator like that so they were nice enough to give me my own keycard. (gee lab.. thanks for setting me up with that..) By now it's 11:15am and I havent even started bleeding oysters. So I start. It was only the third time I'd done it and it's hard work; my hands still hurt.

How to bleed oysters: put on chainmail glove(! i'm the knight of the oysters!). jam flat metal thing into hinge and bang it on the table to break it. hold the shell open a few millimeters with your thumb (ouchie) and poke the needle into the muscle holding the shell halves together. draw out hemolymph. hope that it's not seawater since it's clear.

Needless to say, it's not a short easy task. Especially when you have 12 oysters and by the 3rd, your hand is all rubbed raw from the chain. Then I had to plate out everything. At 12:45 I started my 3 hour incubation. *sweatdrop* Way later than I'd wanted. But after that it was all ok.

My other adventure of the day was using the autoclave machine ALL BY MYSELF. (i'm a big girl!) It's a scary machine... All metal and with a heavy door with a safe-style lock. And it makes loud noises and clanking and it's really hot! Not fun when you're reaching in there trying to take out full 5 liter flasks full of burning hot water and steaming everywhere.

But yes... I'm working on getting my pictures up so people can see them. It's taking a while cuz I took a lot, but most of them need to be lightened up in photoshop. Also, I'm trying to find other pictures of me and other peoples online so I can post them too. (like my picture with Nana in front of the Clone-Army table!)

I've decided to take the GRE in the week of August 7th. Now that I have a deadline maybe I'll actually start some real studying... maybe...


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