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3 exams down. 1 to go. And things are looking up.

Tuesday went alright, there were only a few things I really wasn't sure about so if my calculations are right, I might be looking at an A-. Poli sci yesterday was the most BS-ing I've had to do in a long time. Granted half of poli sci seems to be BS-ing random crap, so we'll see. But I was really worried about today. I got a 67 on the first gene expression exam. So I really need an A on this one.... and... I think I might have done it. There were only 3 or 4 multiple choice questions that I guessed on (out of 20) and I pwned the short answer. wheeeeee!!!

So tomorrow is CSE, which I'm not that worried about. Multiple choice.. I'll just look over my notes and projects tonight before anime.

Having lunch with Susana today and then dinner with Susana, Kate, Andrea (future roomies) and Andrea's bf and Jacob. Should be interesting at least. Especially since I'm less stressed now which means more energy. *grin* And then anime club which will be.. interesting. Jess had promised us the use of her Fruits Basket DVD. I find out 2 days ago in a very curt AIM convo that Pat can email her with times to give her the current DVD back and that she lent out the last one and won't get it back till the end of the semester. Which is kinda WTF to me cuz she promised and she's allowed to hate me all she wants, but this only gives me more reason to not appreciate her much at all. meh whatever.

The best news I had all week was the professor I want to do research with finally emailing me back to say that summer work is a possibility so I'm finally meeting him on Wednesday and hopefully that will pan out and I can start planning my thesis. w00t w00t.

Last night was fun, I went to Walmart at midnight with Jacob, Nick and Sara. I bought a nerf gun among other things. *grin* Sadly, I couldn't find any bubbles. *BUT* there are some amazing pictures of the 3 of them wearing old lady hats and funny purses. *nods sagely*

Anyway, time to go reward myself with an ice mocha and head off to genetic engineering. Maybe we'll get our exams back......


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