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Last night I went to Foxwoods Casino in CT for the Lifehouse show, with Kris opening. It was fantastic!

It was a long and stressful THREE HOUR drive down there. The traffic was AWFUL and I was on the verge of tears pretty much the whole time. I had wanted to be there for dinner with the other girls, but the traffic meant I got there 20 minutes before the show started. :(

Kris was up first and I was soooo excited. @sucia_bonita and I had front row in the balcony, so the view was awesomeee and I could lean forwards on the railing and bounce around without bothering people. I always forget how much I love Kris until I see him live again. He is such a solid performer and you can tell he has fun up there with his band. During our set he talked about the trees in CT.. and almost told us what floor of the hotel he was staying on. Oh Kris! The theatre was maybe half-full? Up on the balcony I couldn't see the whole floor, but at least the front half was pretty sparsely populated. HOWEVER, there was a looot of noise coming from the back part that I couldn't see... and SAW a lot of Kris t-shirts outside the theatre, so I bet it was much more populated back there.

His set seemed SO SHORT though! It was 35 minutes, I don't remember how many songs he played. He got us all to sing along during Alright With Me and Live Like We're Dying. The man sitting next to me even put in the effort to sing, which made me laugh. xD The whole vibe was so chill and it was nice to be at a show where I could sit in my chair, bounce around a bit, and just ENJOY! I hope that Kris has a chance to do some solo touring at some point, would love to see a longer set from him. :)

And then it was time for Lifehouse. They put on a solid show. True story: I used to be listen to Lifehouse A LOT during my freshman year of college. We're talking like.. if had existed, the stats on them would be scary. At the time I was in a relationship (internet-based) and they were kinda the soundtrack for that. After things ended, I moved on and I stopped listening to them. I literally hadn't listened to their music for like.... 5 years, except what is on the radio sometimes. So I wasn't really sure how much I was going to enjoy them.

As it turns out, I spent most of the concert realizing that I knew most of the songs that they were singing. And the atmosphere was so awesome. Very chill and happy. There was an adorable couple in the front row totally rocking out together. At one point, the lead singer just bounced off stage and started wandering in the audience, shaking people's hands and such while singing. And it was so calm! no rushing to try and shake his hand, no cameras shoved in his face. Sitting up there on the balcony I was like, oh... wow this is really different. But it was awesome! My favorite part by far was then the lead singer took the stage with just his guitar and sang song snippets. He was like, "yknow... we do lots of shows and there are always fans who we see all the time at every single venue. and a lot of the time, they are asking us why we didn't play their favorite song." I was laughing because.... I guess Lifehouse has their own cray too. Anyway, so he starts asking for people to yell out song names, and he even went over the cute couple to get a song that she wanted him to sing... and then he just..... sang pieces of different songs.

It was really fun and laid back and just... :') I really needed it.

Then I sat with the other 4 girls in the food court while I stuffed my face and we talked about everything and anything until 1am. <333 These are the nights with fandom that I stick around for.

I will leave you with this: (hands down my favorite lifehouse song, which was sung during the song-snippet portion. i had forgotten about it)


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