Feb. 6th, 2012

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I only seem to post when I am trying to avoid grading. This is not at all mysterious. I also have cleaned my room because it was driving me to distraction (...and because it means not reading all these lab reports).

However, I had a lovely weekend out of Boston!

I left on Friday afternoon on the bus. It was super weird because there was a megabus at 3pm AND at 3:15. I was on the 3:15 and it was just a regular coach bus. This was mostly annoying because there were no outlets, but it also was much less crowded, so I got two whole seats. We actually arrived kinda on time, so it was super easy to catch a train to [personal profile] eloiserummaging's place. Uh, yes. Then we watched The Finder, The Mentalist and Grimm on my laptop (HI I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT GRIMM BUT LIKE THREE PEOPLE WATCH THIS SHOW) and ate pizza. It was an A+ evening really. Plus, I got to play with her cats.

Then I was picked up on Saturday afternoon and went farther into NJ to meet up with people for dinner out in Princeton and hanging out. It was good times. We totally traumatized our waitress.... multiple times. The evening was rounded off with a viewing of Thor - which was really more like some people watching Thor... but mostly lots of chatting, eating brie and sitting on laptops.

Yup... then I came back on Sunday. I was just in time for the bus, which was at full capacity, so I had to sit in the very front of the upper level. It was kinda weird seeing out the window from so high up, but once I got used to the ~view, it was kinda fun.

Also, I finished the 7th Dresden book (finally). It was good times and I can't wait to start on the next one!


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