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2009-08-20 07:42 pm
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Major wank exploded yesterday over on [ profile] ontd_ai. It was interesting to watch, but it was making me all sad panda because I just wanna love the AI group and leave it at that.

I feel like I finally ate my first real meal in ages tonight. Take-out chinese. I've been eating random meals at weird times for the past few days so it was nice to sit down with my brother and sister to eat tonight.

Some lulz were had, thanks to my brother as usual.

sister: hey Nick, Archie and Veronica are getting married!
brother: what?
sister: Archie and Veronica!!
brother: you mean like... from scooby doo?
me: *headdesk* from Archie Comics
brother: oh.. what?

then we were singing and dancing to some of my music. And then this conversation happened after my sister realized he had shaved a ring around his ankle.

brother: i waxed my chest too!
sister: no you didn't...
brother: *points* yes i did!
sister: where did you get the wax?
brother: we made it, it's called sugaring.
me: wait.. you got together with your friends and waxed each other's chests
brother: no it was just with tim.
me: oh...
brother: but it's ok! he's gay. i thought that would make it ok
me: ROFL what?

And then we went back to singing and dancing around the kitchen while I did the dishes.

ladies and gents.. my life!
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2009-05-15 06:09 pm
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jesus christ it's a lion, GET IN THE CAR

Hahahaha... I was totally going to make a real post last night, but then I spent an hour uploading pictures to photobucket and making a caps-filled picspam. ilu fandom, really. <3 You make my life so much more entertaining.

Ah where do I even start, this is going to turn into a mushed up topic post I think.


Exhibit 1:


Exhibit 2:
Awesome-ly terrifying prose! Two pages of metaphorical character description that is supposed to be appealling but really just.. missed the mark. If you scroll into the comments, there are links to actual attempts at physical depiction and the results are terrifying. It basically made me lol for a good 10 minutes when I got the link.

So... what have I been up to?

Last night Phil was like, let's hang out. So Susana, him and I all went for pizza followed by STAR TREK. I'd been waiting till I could go with my dad since he's a closet fan (he totally gets the DVDs and then watches them alone at night in the basement). But with work he was like, I dunno when we can go. Ahh it was good! I mean, I only have a marginal sense of the fandom and the main characters... but even with just that I was proud that I recognized the major players. Plus y'know.. space is pretty. So now I need to make sure I still take my dad because I think he will really enjoy it.

Today was just work.. and OH BOY. Apparently we have a new system for the front desk and it makes... zero sense. Instead of having someone to greet and take names, we are supposed to stand *in front* of the desk and just ~know~ where the available tables are. Naturally this is only when we are not on a wait.. but it is just so disorganized. And I feel bad cuz we can't balance the tables out for the servers if we don't have access to the computer screen. I'm pretty sure we're all hoping that if it ends up failing a lot, then they will say that we should go back to the other way. Silly work always having to try and change things.

I would say more, but my stomach just went "Hi there crazy person who hasn't eaten anything all day. FEED ME". I should ptobably listen to it.
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2009-05-12 10:58 pm
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milkduds of pain!

So my sister gave me these boxes of Milk Duds this evening. I managed to injure myself somehow on the first post box. All I know is that I ate some and then the roof of my mouth was scraped and metallic tasting. *sigh* Leave it to me to be injured on caramel and chocolate.

Yesterday at the mall I walked by Abercrombie and Fitch. I noted that the large ad at the front of the store has now gone beyond "half-naked male torso". It is now "half-naked male torso with jean button un-done and hand halfway down the front of the pants". Dear Abercrombie... WHY? However I did get a delicious green tea lemonade, so I suppose it's okay.

Funniest thing happened today at work.
I was seating a single woman outside on the patio. Let's call her #1. She had a Border's bag and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown in her hand. On the patio, another woman (#2 in this case) was sitting alone, waiting for her husband to join her for lunch. When I walked out with #1... #2 asked if she had read the new Dan Brown book and what else she'd bought. I feel like they must have chatted in the bookstore prior to this. #2 then revealed that she was reading New Moon and that it was OMG SO GOOD. #1 stated that she had read all 4 and that YOU ARE GOING TO JUST DIE AND LOVE BOOK THREE!!! (Keep in mind. these are two women who are probably in their late 30s/early 40s) They talk for a couple minutes about how AMAZING the books are and how excited they are for the new one. Keep in mind, I am still standing there waiting to finish showing #1 to her table. They then ask me if I have read Twilight. I say that yes I have and leave it at that.. meanwhile trying to not laugh because if I think if I'd started laughing I might have just passed out. So.. still chatting, I manage to seat #1. At which point #2 (who is still waiting for husband), grabs her tea and goes to sit with the other woman, leaving her bread and menu at her original table. About 5 minutes later we see her moving EVERYTHING from her original table over to join #1. When husband shows up... they all end up sitting together.

It was the most amusing part of work today. Sparkly vampires made them BFFs!

Then I bought a piece of cheesecake and ate it. *drool*

Ahhh cosplay!!!!
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2009-05-05 01:53 am
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the internet is really really great...

..for porn

And now for tonight's edition of "I found it on the internets!"

Exhibit 1:
First I laughed. Then I was confused. Then I spent 10 minutes clicking "older entries".
Once again proving that you can find pretty much anything if you look hard enough.
(link credit to qichisan @ LJ via GaiaOnline)

Exhibit 2:
The person who posted it was busy raging about how stupid people are. I was too busy laughing at the entire situation. Sometimes people can be stupid in ways that aren't destructive or horrifying... and in those cases, laughter is the only answer!

Exhibit 3:
Google trends are fascinating and I would love to know what causes them.

I am feeling a bit frazzled, likely due to it being 2am now.

Thanks to Robin I now have the new Lacuna Coil CD. I have never been a HUGE fan of theirs in the past. Saw them live at Ozzfest when System and Disturbed were there. I'm not sure why they never clicked as I adore Nightwish, but I suspect it had something to do with their instrumentals more than anything. However the album is quite excellent! Especially "Wide Awake". I love it when I find good music!
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2009-04-13 12:56 am

i wanna be the very best


Made me lol so hard. And it's likely that anyone on my flist who clicks on that will understand it. Just.. the facial expressions... ah god.

Anyway. Apparently my last entry ended on a creepy note? Clearly the result of "it's 1am let's talk about emotional, angst-filled fic that is also very well written to the point where I was feeling with the characters, therefore making it both painful to go along with as well as amazing because of the awesome writing". And clearly the only way to re-explain myself is to wait until 1am after a long day and start writing. >.>;; Let it not be said that I make awesome plans ever. Point being... rambling about fic was not meant to be creepy. I don't revel in inflicting pain on myself. End of story.

side note: Dear Mom, being interrupted to be sent on a mad (and ultimately futile) quest for sunscreen that I remember owning but not where I left it is not cool at 1am.

Work continues to be good.
Cosplay reference picture hunting is a pain in the ass. *sigh*

Also an important note that I will ramble about tomorrow once I've read up on the issue.

AMAZONFAIL. Google it. Search it on Twitter. Go to meta_writer on LJ. Amazon has messed up pretty bad this time around. I'm keen to see how they end up dealing with this. Expect more coherent post on the subject tomorrow.
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2009-04-08 05:12 pm
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uh... huh...

Live action Full Metal Panic... Zac Efron? I am so confused.
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2009-03-30 11:01 pm
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"enjoy your meal" .. "you too"

I love it when I tell people to enjoy their meal after showing them to their table.. and they say "you too". There's this expression of "wtf I'm an idiot" that briefly graces the face of the other person when they realize what has just happened. Ah good times.

I was totally going to catch up on House tonight.. or watch that ep of Robin Hood and make my reaction post. And then after dinner my mom wanted me to dye her hair.. and she wanted it done soon.. so I didn't start anything. Except then half an hour later she finally called me to go get it done. And then it was nearly 10 and I was trying to finish up my modding on Menewsha instead. And now it is 11 and I don't know what I want to do. *fails*

In other news:
*eyeroll* Wonderful.

I need tea.. and a pile of cookies.

I don't know what it is but I want more of it.