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My mini-break at my parents' house is nearly over, alas!

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister. We never go super early or anything, especially since we're never looking for deals on anything specific. We left a little after 11, my only real goal was to go to Sport's Authority where I knew they had yoga mats and small hand-weights on sale. I bought... many things. I bought these shoes which were on clearance at Nordstrom's (and cheaper than I have seen online) and the only pair was my size, so that's like... FATE. I also picked up some cheap thermal shirts, some candles, the previously-mentioned yoga mat & weights, and some winter boots (that I can't find a picture of ANYWHERE ONLINE - they are like this, except blue...). My sister ended up with much more despite telling me multiple times that she is supposed to be saving money. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that I placed a massive amazon order on Thursday night ($13 for a full season of tv that I love?! GIVE ME FIVE!)

Anyway. I was supposed to grade and read papers and clean my room today. Instead I slept until 2, read some fic, pretended to stare at some grading... and then actually cleaned my room a little, at 10pm. #doingitwrong Cleaning my room is a pain because my parents recently painted the whole thing. This process meant that EVERYTHING was taken out and put in bags/boxes, so now I have to put it all back. I am also under strict orders to throw out everything I can, so there has been a lot of going through old paper and notebooks and basically, sometimes memories suck. Also, I have a lot of books.

Tomorrow we are going out to buy the big present for my parents. My siblings and I are splitting the cost of a Keurig machine for my parents. Also some of those click-top fill-with-your-own cups. We figure that with the 20% store coupon, split three ways, it's like $45-50 each, which is only a bit over a $20 gift for each of them? *shrug* I think it'll be a good gift. I need to think of good gifts for my siblings now. My brother is SO HARD to shop for.

Um, this has been a post.


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