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shiny things

Haven't had a real update in a while. And this isn't going to be one either. I've been lost in a haze of school with some fangirl on the side.

- RuPaul's Drag Race started this week. I have never watched the show before, but Sutan is on it! #teamraja. I won't lie though, I am totally biased. :D Anyone who can provide me with the picture that is under the cut AND THEN be totally fierce and fashionable in drag has my heart.

- I forgot to watch Idol this week. Maybe I'll pick it up again when the live shows start. Not that it matters... Steven Tyler is going to win anyway.

- I figured out a slightly more efficient way of making gif with ImageReady. it resulted in this:


- Speaking of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch (or as he was once nicknamed as a child - Bendy Dick Cum on my Baps - i wish i were kidding), I watched a livestream of the NTAs on Wednesday afternoon. It was like training for the Grammy Awards. With the clutching at my chest and the hyperventilating and trying not to scream.

- Speaking of the Grammy Awards. I made an asofterworld remix with GLOBAL SUPERSTAR & GRAMMY NOMINEE ADAM LAMBERT's face

I think I want to make more remixes. :D

And now it is lunch time.

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SUTAN! He is just so adorable, I'm in love.

Steven Tyler is going to win anyway
Haha, so true. It kind of bums me out that the ratings are down from last year because last year sucked but this year looks like it might actually be entertaining.

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Sutan is SO SO SO adorable. The couple times I have gotten to talk to him, he has been super friendly. :)

Steven Tyler confuses me. Sometimes he is really entertaining, but then he starts being creepy at 15 year olds and I cringe. I bet the live-shows are going to be great though!

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And I saw the interview when he said he was nicknamed, "Bendy Dick Cum on my Baps". That was hilarious. Though when they were talking about the Cumberbitches, well, that was hilarious AND awkward. XD

[identity profile] 2011-01-31 07:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Haha, his stupid face keeps me entertained for hours. HOURS!!

That interview was great. The bit about the nickname was fun. The Cumberbitches bit WAS awkward though. I think that among the fans, it is a silly and fun name. But it's one of those things that you don't want the focus of that group to ~know about. I'm fully convinced that at one point he almost said that his fans are terrifying.

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Steven Tyler definitely wins, lol. The best episodes are the auditions anyway, for all the nutty people.

I need to ask you how you made your mood icons again >.< I know you told me but it's been forever and now I have to make new ones

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lol. I gave up on the auditions anyway. Gonna wait for the live shows and see if anyone worth following has made it through.

As for my mood theme, I just screencapped a ton of shots from FMA and dropped them into photoshop. Made them all the same size, added some border effects. The LJ FAQs have some really good tutorials for how to get things uploaded into your account.

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Ah, that was it- Photoshop! lol I'll have to poke around the FAQs to make some now. Thank you ^^

I dunno about American Idol anymore. It's fun to watch once in awhile but I think it's done for eventually. It's just popular and keeps rotating things around to make it more interesting, IMO. I stopped after Fantasia won. I don't think her voice should've ever gotten her past auditions, lol

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:D Photoshop is lovely for lots of things. Any imaging program would do really. The key is just getting all your images down to the same size for ease-of-upload.

I am obviously biased when it comes to idol since season 8 holds a place in my heart. But only in the sense that it was a platform for an artist I enjoy to become famous and successful. I had not watched idol since season 2 before then.

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I thought it was just because Photoshop is awesome, lol, which it is anyway

The only artist I've truly enjoyed that came from American Idol is Clay Aiken, and he didn't even win. But I can understand why season 8 is so dear to you, lol, I actually will admit I've started liking his songs. I just can't get past his looks, lol XP