fiarra: ([kare kano] yukino. blank stare)
Carolina ([personal profile] fiarra) wrote2011-01-28 12:31 pm

shiny things

Haven't had a real update in a while. And this isn't going to be one either. I've been lost in a haze of school with some fangirl on the side.

- RuPaul's Drag Race started this week. I have never watched the show before, but Sutan is on it! #teamraja. I won't lie though, I am totally biased. :D Anyone who can provide me with the picture that is under the cut AND THEN be totally fierce and fashionable in drag has my heart.

- I forgot to watch Idol this week. Maybe I'll pick it up again when the live shows start. Not that it matters... Steven Tyler is going to win anyway.

- I figured out a slightly more efficient way of making gif with ImageReady. it resulted in this:


- Speaking of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch (or as he was once nicknamed as a child - Bendy Dick Cum on my Baps - i wish i were kidding), I watched a livestream of the NTAs on Wednesday afternoon. It was like training for the Grammy Awards. With the clutching at my chest and the hyperventilating and trying not to scream.

- Speaking of the Grammy Awards. I made an asofterworld remix with GLOBAL SUPERSTAR & GRAMMY NOMINEE ADAM LAMBERT's face

I think I want to make more remixes. :D

And now it is lunch time.

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