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SDCC 2012: aka, i suck at timely recaps.

So remember a month ago when I was like "I will do the rest of my write-up tomorrow" AND THEN I NEVER DID? Well.... here I am to try and throw some words out about Friday and Sunday of my convention experience? (Does anyone care anymore?)

Friday's main objective was to get into the room for the Firefly reunion panel. To that end, Sarah got into line at 5:30am for 6A. I joined her a little while later and the waiting began. We managed to get into the room with room to spare and ended up watching the Community and the Legend of Korra panels. Neither are things I have a lot of interest in, but the Community cast, in particular, was SO ADORABLE. I will say that conventions have this amazing effect on me though. If I go to a panel... I will probably think, at least once, that I need to start watching something/invest money in it. It's basically the worst form of advertising ever because I am already getting contact high off the feelings of the people around me.

ANYWAY. Then Firefly happened and I spent a lot of time trying not to sob all over Sarah because I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. There wasn't anything new said, but it was awesome to see the cast all together. Also, the number of Jayne hats in the room was great.

....I feel like we did something after this and before getting in line for the Sony panel, but maybe not. Sony panel happened and I was in the same room as JGL for a little bit. He also said some words... and stuff. The Looper trailer looked like a bit of a mess, so we'll see what happens when it comes out.

THEN! (it was a long day) We went to the Aquabat panel! This was not exciting because of actually seeing the Aquabats (wtf is an aquabat. idk, but because Gerard Way of MCR was the moderator. He was appropriately puppy-like and I don't even like MCR. Yup.

You already got my Saturday Grimm day recap, but here is a picture from it. This was actually posted by the official NBC account and no one saw it until like a week ago. /woe

(if you can't tell, I am Sherlock inspired. Also, pretend that I am not clutching his hand like a crazy person)

On Sunday we had to say bye to Sarah (boo) and then we went off bright and early to get in line for Hall H. We wanted to get in for Supernatural, followed by Doctor Who. The line situation started off super dire but then ended up being enough to let us into the room before the first panel (Fringe). I honestly wish I had stuck with Fringe because this is the last season and all the people in the room who ARE fans really seemed to have a lot of feelings. Maybe someday....

Uh.... then SPN and DW happened and and.. *____* I don't know what to even add to this recap. If you care, you saw videos. I will just say that it was amazing and I'm so glad I could be there. Everyone I love is ridiculous, basically.

Sadly, about partway through SPN, I started feeling really sick and cold. In retrospect, I was having a pretty severe blood sugar crash (I had a mocha and a muffin for breakfast at 7:30am). Let's just say there was a point where I suddenly realized that my fingertips were numb. By the time I realized, I was feeling too nauseated to eat my sandwich though. So.. that was fun. I spent a long while sprawled out on some steps in the full California sun, trying to soak up some warmth from the pavement. Then we went to get food and I managed to eat some miso soup and edamame before passing out for a couple hours at the hotel.

Monday morning found us in a bakery/restaurant across the street from the hotel, eating delicious eggs and crepes... and being sad that it was time to go. Then I flew back to Boston and was sick for nearly two weeks. WORTH IT.

So that was SDCC. I already bought my 4 day w/preview night for next year, even though I have no idea what I will be doing in July 2013 (since, in theory, I will have graduated by then?).

So yes, I hope you are all well? I have a book post to make sometime this week, because I like talking about books! Have a lovely weekend. :)